IT Voice Sangoshti 2013 held at Pink city Press club Jaipur on 18th Dec. 2013



 IT Voice Sangosthi was organized by IT Voice with the association of Rajasthan Information Technology Organisation (RITO) on 18th December, at Pink City Press Club.
Mr. Tarun Taunk, Editor, IT Voice and President of RITO, addressing the people present, said, “This IT Voice Sanghosthi helped vendor  and national distributors partners to interact with each other and understand strategies and areas of improvements in Rajasthan IT. This meet was the best example of a successful mix between IT vendor & ND teams personal interaction. The Sanghosthi provided the unique plate form to interaction & encourage the partners. He also added, “Global economy and opportunities are still growing but despite of all these facts Rajasthan state IT Market isn’t recovering. Because in past few years Rajasthan state government was not shown good interest in this local sector. These reasons are widespread and no doubt cause many businesses to fail. That’s why students are forced to seek opportunity outside the state.


IT Voice Sangoshti Final
Speaking ahead on the occasion, Mr. Taunk said” We need a separate IT Zone in the state for rapid flow of investment and opportunities. Rajasthan IT Market could be developed on the basis of state geographical and Natural conditions. Multi National Companies are planning to set up offices or factories in Jaipur. After Delhi and NCR, Jaipur has become the favorite market place for IT, ITes and Software Companies.
Special Guest Mr. Ajay K. Gupta (ESC- Chairman Rajasthan Chapter) said as there is lots of opportunities in Rajasthan IT sector and as so many IT project are coming and like Karnataka, Gujarat and Andra Pradesh we have to unite and take Rajasthan IT sector forward. Without local IT sector support this will not possible to grow as fast as other state are growing.
Senior Advisor Mr. Sooraj Khatri gave thanks to all attendees and brief about what the IT Voice is doing and how they support Rajasthan IT sector with their Publication, Online and other activities.
As discussed at the sanghosthi, we will commit to establishing a series of this for the purpose of sharing ideas & Views from the Rajasthan IT Industries person for the Prospect to Grow the Rajasthan IT.  So we as a group can work together, not as strangers, but as team members focusing on specific goals. Expect this initial step to “bland”. Our goal is to get something up and running immediately following the Sanghosthi and then “fine tune” it as we progress. Remember, your input is critical for this Sanghosthi to showcase what Rajasthan IT across the state are doing, so please keep Views, emails, suggestions, etc…
The Sangoshti was attended by majorly all Distributors & vendors working in Rajasthan.
IT Voice is planning to conduct such kind of seminars in different cities of Rajasthan. FYI” All regional Distributors and 11 trade association of state will be invited in Upcoming next sangosthi.
Tarun Taunk
Editor (IT Voice)