October 21, 2020

IT Voice November 2018 Edition




Towards Digital Unity with Universal Acceptance

Today, technology is constantly evolving and expanding its reach across every imaginable areas of development. Enterprise world has quickly adopted the data-driven architecture, thus expanding its reach and service to every of its existing and potential users.
Amidst the multifaceted development being registered across the world, the concept of Universal Acceptance is turning out to be a game changer. As simple it may sound, Universal Acceptance (UA) pretty much withholds the potential to transform the modern internet into a faster, better and more efficient work model.

As records suggest, UA was conceptualized and developed to overcome the short character limitation of top level domains (TLD). Universal Acceptance was devised to dissolve the technical hindrances that a user had to face while accessing any specified web address or email over a compatible internet device.
By enabling Universal Acceptance, domain names and e-mail addresses can be easily processed and resolved to provide a better optimized user experience across any region and boundary. With UA, a user can access custom domain and email addresses efficiently, without worrying about the past TLD restriction of using two or three character long domains.
The goal of Universal Acceptance is not just to validate domain names and email addresses, but also to quickly resolve the address and provide the user with his intended request, be it a domain or email. It allows people with different language preferences to easily connect and benefit from the use of internet.
UA has developed more as a requirement today, thereby letting users to surf through the internet in their own languages from around the world. With International and generic TLD’s taking up the lead, The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (USAG) came forward to resolve the problem of internet barriers and ensure that every global user receives a consistently better internet experience.
As a technology enthusiast, I firmly believe that Universal Acceptance is the key to digital unity. With UA, any person can access and assess the internet in his own understandable language and thus form a better connected world over the digital space. It ensures that all the custom email addresses and domains work effectively well across the international lines with the same efficiency and accuracy as they are intended to be.
Recently, Hon`ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhara Raje received the “Universal Acceptance Thought Leader” award by UASG. She received the award for implementing the revolutionary Raj Mail project, through which the citizens of Rajasthan could get an email address in the language of their choice. Mr Samiran Gupta, Head, ICANN India and UA Ambassador in India were present along with DOIT&C officials from Government of Rajasthan.


Tarun Taunk