Can AIhelp us combat fake news?

Today’s technology realm is largely bolstered by data which flows at an immeasurable rate across all its node points. The state of information access has largely been simplified, allowing every individual to seek desired intel on the dot. However, disinformation can spread like a virus today.

Active social media users mostly seek attention, and therefore tend to spread fake news in order to gain followers. Such fake news can easily outrage the general public and create havoc in the interest of political or personal ambition. Today fake news is mostly seen as an easy profit making policy, especially for propaganda driven political groups who wish to rack up their bankroll by spreading wrongful information.

Even if the authorities wish to take charge of the situation, the inexhaustible amount of data generated everyday makes human filtering impossible. However, modern technology stack still presents a good hope to counter ‘bogus’ news.

By investing in technological solution that enable automated detection and neutralizing of fake content, one can ensure complete close down on the critical matter. The world is in a need for AI based technology that automatically analyzes data and effectively determines its authenticity.

In absence of such technological solutions, growing social networks will fail to cope up with fake news crisis, and ultimately lose their legitimacy and trust of the general people. The only way out is to invest in advanced AI solutions that can combine the best of human and artificial intelligence. While on one hand modern technology stack can actuate increased speed and scalability, human involvement can decode contextual frame of reference in the subject data set.

Today, Artificial intelligence is being looked upon as the sole remedy to counter fake news. That’s because, once fed with enough data set and training routine, AI can easily separate the good from bad in the news field. By utilizing its pattern recognition abilities, fake news can easily be identified and debarred from circulation. AI models are essentially trained to differentiate between fake and genuine news via training set containing past experiences.


Tarun Taunk


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