IT Voice March 2019 Edition

Why does the world of Internet need Universal Acceptance?

Internet, as we know it today, has grown at an enormous rate and so has its user base. There are people from all around the world who recurrently rely on internet even for their subtle needs. Although the initial internet service was intended for convenient and quick information sharing across various facilities of the Department of Defense, it soon transformed into a virtual establishment with seamless connectivity and boundless possibilities.
Of course, internet can easily be placed among the list of top best human inventions till date, it still isn’t perfect in a way that everybody can use it according to their personal comfort. Internet, for the most part, has been addressed in English, and though it does not create any big stride, the percentage of total English speakers in the world is merely 20-21%. The world today is a communal consensus and that’s what internet needs to be.
Universal Acceptance: Need and Desire
The idea is to adopt, employ, advertise and promote Universal Acceptance to help build an internet that feels and works at its endemic best. Universal Acceptance is targeted towards an equal treatment of domain names and internet services. All the storage, validation and working of valid domain names should be accomplished through universal acceptance guidelines to allows users to access internet-based services in their preferred language. Universal Acceptance is the multilingual key to the Internet and its success will surely lead to the widespread convenience and satisfaction of users at a global scale. Universal acceptance is gradually becoming a prerequisite to help internet users across varied geographies to access internet services in their native language.
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What leads to the next
Modern concepts like generic top-level domains (gTLD) can considerably promote the desired development in the domain name industry and therefore internet service providers need to be work upon gTLDs and internationalized TLDs to actuate better internet in the upcoming times. With Universal acceptance, a better domain world can be secured with equally benefiting compliance and support for all native languages across the globe.


Tarun Taunk