March 5, 2021

IT Voice Magazine is on Google Play store




The Honorable Industrial minister of Rajasthan Shri Rajendra Pareek initiate the android version of IT Voice Magazine (Rajasthan 1st monthly IT magazine) in the presence of IT Voice Chief Editor, Mr. Tarun Taunk, Senior Advisor Shri Sooraj Khatri .

On the occasion, Mr. Rajendra Pareek said “The way mobiles and tabs are becoming popular in the state, facilities like this will help people associated with IT as they will be able to access the magazine and thereby get latest IT news.” Hon. Minister Pareek also congratulated the Chief Editor, Mr. Taunk for being 1st IT magazine in state and encouraged the team to continue with the efforts to promote IT in state.

Rajendra Pareek Itvoice

Our Chief Editor, Mr. Tarun Taunk, said, “IT Voice is the 1st  IT magazine in India to launch its android version and make it available on Google Play Store. “ He also added that the readers of the magazine can download the app free from the website-

Our Hon. Senior Advisor, Shri SoorajKhatri praised the magazine by saying, “The magazine has conducted many activities in the past. IT Voice magazine has organized 3 major IT Fairs in the state and they have many other plans for such activities to be conducted in the near future. By doing such activities, the magazine is opening new avenues in the state.

IT Voice has been publishing its editions from last 6 years and it is also available online- The website has been ranked no. 1 in state and no. 3 in nation in the area of various IT Channel portals. One can easily avail latest updates in IT sector globally on the website.