October 21, 2020

IT Voice January 2017 Edition

Employee Integrity

What is Employee Integrity? Is it just the truthfulness, loyalty, reliability, veracity of an employee? Or it is the dedication the employee puts in to see the development not of ‘oneself’ but as a ‘whole’. The question was hard to answer few months back when I had a perfect set of employees working for me , who stood upright in every work. But after the farewell of hers, I realized this chain of employees is just like the game of Dominos, where one domino falls and the circulation is failed. Sometimes we ignore the hard work and efforts put up by our employees and we forget to appreciate or say a little word to uplift the spirits of one who worked hard to achieve the goals allotted to him/her. It is the duty of the employer to see the hard work and effort and the integrity in the employee and tell them that the hard work and the efforts have not gone unnoticed. So here I bid thanks to the integrity hard work and efforts my employees put in to make it work and what a great team we all make together. Also, I would like to pass my best wishes to our beloved and most hardworking employee who is about to begin a new journey of life time may she gets what she deserves and smile and good luck never leaves her. And also a have a proud

This month one of our very old employees left us, because she was getting married and as these things work, we were intimated about it months ago. So, the hunt began and we were interviewing and that time I realized how lucky we were to have such an employee and how she was irreplaceable. As she was one of the oldest employees, we were already begun missing her and even though we hired many to replace her, her perfection in work was always missed. The taste of perfection was so hard to tame that the ‘appropriate’ would not stand a chance. What made the company today was the employee’s integrity. The honesty, the truthfulness, the hard work. We have employees who have been working since the inception of this company and seen the up and downs, but they never left us, we are a family. The company is what today, because I have an IT Voice family who always stands with me and happy Republic Day to all.