October 27, 2020

IT Voice December 2018 Edition

How far can we reach with IoE

While the tech world is busy finding various application areas of IoT, an advanced implementation of the same is about to proliferate and actuate “Internet for Everybody”.

IoT, in simple terms is a digital construct where any type of physical or virtual entity can seamlessly communicate and transmit data to each other without human-machine intervention. In IoT, things can be any device or item which can initiate signalled communication by means of advanced sensors and microprocessors. One important concept for complete realization of IoT is uninterrupted communication between things with automated capabilities for data processing and decision making.

One step ahead, Internet of Everything (IOE), as I like to describe, is a seamless digital integration of people, process, data and entities within a well-defined network. It is advance furtherance to the breakthrough concept of IoT, but with data from humans and business processes included.

In my opinion, IoE is growing rapidly in today’s tech province and will unravel some great potential in technological growth and development. With extensive IoT implementation evident in smart cars, smart devices, health monitors etc, a fully connected IoE environment is not at all a farfetched thought.

Today, the concept of IoE may seem to be in its infancy but it will soon come across as the most widespread digital reality with People, Data and Processes connected in more relevant and valuable ways. Intelligent decision making will soon be automated, to an extent where every person can have access to right information at the right time.

The visible Future
Soon the present data abundance will multiply itself to inconceivable numbers, with every “thing” generating valuable real-time data. In order to harness the true potential of Data, enterprises will need advance big data and storage technologies to consolidate, evaluate and safeguard the extensive build up of growing data volumes. Secondly, need for immeasurable computation power will line up without which data assessment would never be actuated for enterp rise use.


Tarun Taunk