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IT Voice August 2017

E-commerce has changed the Business Style of SMB Owners

Internet & Smart Phone are new-age revolution, They changed the lives across the world enabling them to lead a highly convenient lifestyle. We can consider the communication field as the most important area that benefited with the Internet and the second place would go to the e-commerce. The emergence of e-commerce has helped people buy and sell online.
E-commerce has helped the Small and Medium business owners with their style of working.
It was almost impossible to reach out to the large customer base with the conventional methods of marketing. But Now with the e-commerce, it is a cakewalk. With the online purchasing and selling, you can sell or buy your stuff not just sitting at your office, with the buyer and customers around the globe. This has dramatically changed the lives of the small time business owners in seeing more profit coming their way.
It is affordable by a small-time business owner to set up his business on the e-commerce platform and it this affordability factor that enables him to venture into the business areas otherwise he would not have thought of.
Small business owners who specialized in a particular niche and had smaller business profits, now with the emergence of the e-commerce company are able to collaborate with big online companies and incur higher returns. This certainly has brought in smiles on the faces of small business owners.
The business owner is able to buy or sell directly to the consumer without any middlemen and this is highly beneficial for the both sides. The business owner is able to bring the product to the consumer in a much reduced price.
In the e-commerce platform it is easier to find out what works and what not by looking at other successful companies. This gives a clear-cut idea to a small-time business owner.
In the e-commerce platform, there are no holidays, it works 24 x 7, and thus the Purchase and sale can happen every single minute of the day and night. This is certainly a big advantage as there is no limiting factor in terms of time and thus more sales and more profit.
On an online platform if your business is run by just you or it is done by a team of 300 people is not evident for the customers. This helps the small-time business owner compete with the big ones and get the same visibility and conversions without any limitations.
There cannot be a better time to start an e-commerce site for either a startup or for an already existing brick and mortar store owner.

Tarun Taunk