IT Voice April 2020 Edition

Scope of Opportunities

This pandemic has brought a very big change in the working industries, jobs may have decreased but the scope of work has been increased.

And it is a huge opportunity for IT industries, as they proved that even thought the situation of the world is quite not good. Work can be done from home. Everything is available on cloud to work on and perform the necessary tasks. There are powerful servers for cloud to perform any kind of task, including storage and even GPU processing.

Now the point is, after the pandemic there will be a huge scope for IT industries to excel and bring up more and more ways on for how work can be done from anywhere. Provide solutions to other industries also for establishing them on cloud, so that:

  • Their data is never lost and backup is always

  • And it can be accessed from anywhere for them to work on.

Talking about the security on cloud, your data can be stored in an encrypted format, to make it readable to your organization only. Still the concern of security will rise up for obvious reasons like hacking and more.

Cloud processing can be fast as Optic Fiber Connection for high speed internet is available in most parts of the world. Optic Fiber Connection provide enough speed to get going. And soon 5G will also be available, 5G compatible phones are already present in the market.

Work from Home is now the biggest factor in every sector, from Film Industries to Fitness to Food Ordering.

Efficient usage of time and resources could be an important factor to consider.

Cloud Computing is very enhanced in terms of functioning, and these are features available that uses machine learning, Artificial Intelligence which has self-learning capabilities that can adapt to the work state and perform general tasks automatically for certain companies as required.

There is a lot to look upon and work. And anyone can learn it online using n number of courses available for every kind of field.

It is both an opportunity and need for people to get engaged with and learn a lot and keep working on with their passion.

Stay Safe, Stay at Home