IT Voice April 2017 Edition

Appreciation of Work

I was joyful the day IT Voice was endowed with its third consecutive award for its development and awareness work in Rajasthan and Delhi, NCR. It was obvious, I was on the seventh cloud, third award in the third month of the year, it was better than anything I could imagine. Suddenly, I felt a new energy gushing into my veins, confidence painting my whole personality, my state of mind clearer than the streams, focused to achieve my already set goals. There wasn’t any change of course of my path that leads me to the bull’s eye, but something was changed. As I investigated more and more within, scrutinizing each day of my past three months, I concluded finally that it was the appreciation of my work by people that has lead me to the confident lane.

It’s our human being nature, we lure for appreciation and we carve for being noticed. Whether it’s our personal or professional life, every person wants his / her work to be acknowledged, appreciated. A little boast of appreciation, a pat on the shoulder, words of appreciation decorated with a smile and what not, they are all magical potion to the souls of a hard worker.

Here is a small self assessment, when do you really work hard? Why do you particularly work hard for something? What are the chances of success in that work? What are the odds of failure?

Now, when we see to my side of story, each thing boils down to one word, ‘BELIEVE’. When you believe in something you work hard for it. It is the challenges and the failures which come on your way which makes you a little less believing in your goal. Whether you are on the right path or not, was it a wrong turn when you said yes to the deal. It’s all a plethora of work that comes and goes and repeats itself time to time. But, when someone acknowledges your work and appreciates it, you ultimately start believing in your motives. As we see it is normal to get demoralised with the hard words of someone, why won’t it be normal to be encouraged with the words of appreciation by someone.

We may never be able to solve the mystery, why we all what to be appreciated but, we know what it does to us all.  It all acts as chicken soup to our soul, nourishing us and boasting us from within laying a solid foundation of confidence that yes, your work has not gone unnoticed.

After my encounter with the majesty of appreciation, I will never leave a chance of appreciating the work of others, going way past my human emotions of anger, joy, love or even envy. Every hard work deserves word of appreciation and every hard worker deserves a pat on the shoulder.

Awards have a sole purpose of boosting the confidence and encouraging the efforts of people. It is not the hike in confidence of an individual but it works in bulk. Remember the time when your company was awarded for something you did, and each one of your employees was busting in pride. Awards are never given to an individual; it is given to the team behind the final outcomes to make it one of a kind.