December 2, 2020

IT/ ITes Development in Rajasthan and Budget of 2017-2018

Hon' Cheif Minister Vasundhara Raje
Hon’ Cheif Minister Vasundhara Raje

The 67th budget of Rajasthan 2017-2018 is passed on 08th March, 2017 with good news for the IT industry. The Hon’ Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje gave her 2 hour of speech was all dedicated to development of Rajasthan. Mentioning the needs to the rural as well as the urban areas of Rajasthan, she talked about setting up a successful e-governance system to take governance of Rajasthan to a whole new level.

Development of Rajasthan IT sector is bound with the budget of 2017 and it is all about digitalizing Rajasthan and developing the ‘ IT  skills’ in the mass. IT as is the backbone in the development of any State of India, Rajasthan has taken a new initiative towards making itself IT-enabled with this coming budget in action. With the enabling of e-governance in the rural limits of Rajasthan, ultimate digitalization would come into the equation leading to the opening of doors of opportunities for the Rural Rajasthan to the Urban Rajasthan.

When we talk about people getting IT educated, we also are talking about the needs and the resources it would take to make them IT enabled. Yes, indirectly also a bone to the IT businesses running around Rajasthan, given the no. of IT products it would need to make it a fully grown IT state.

The budget talks of setting up of kiosks in the rural areas of Rajasthan and about the e-governance of the rural areas of Rajasthan. Development of the rural areas will ultimately lead to the demand in the supplies and sufficing the needs to complete the mission of make Rajasthan Digital

IT is an opportunity which IT sector of Rajasthan has been waiting for a long time. With GST about to make its debut in the Indian Economy, the budget of Rajasthan 2017-2018 is a cherry on the top. The GST will lead to people seeking the help of IT tools to meet the ends of the appending needs in filling their taxes, while the budget is talking about making Rajasthan an IT enabled state. It’s all about how your see the opportunity and make a use of it.