IT Industry reacts on path barriers and shares suggestion.

  •  According to you, how to grow Rajasthan IT Industries and what help you required for that from Government of Rajasthan?

  •  What are the challenges which you have faced last year and how did you overcome it?

V. Bhushan ,CEO,Bhushan Systems & Consultants

  1. As per my opinion, Rajasthan IT industry will grow by implementing ethics forcefully in IT business, ethics should     governed by senior IT association members. Also improving quality of IT services and providing genuine solution to the   end user. Companies and Government must consider the vendors, who have good experience, having good knowledge   and certifications. Lowest price should not be the criteria to decide for good IT solution or services.  Government must   appoint a committee to solve burning issues between companies, distributor and dealers  on priority basis. Also   Government must honor the firms/companies district or state wise for their utmost performance on yearly basis.   Government must generate/create new areas where we provide our IT solution or services. Government  and corporate   companies must promote “Made in India” products to increase Indian business and to reduce price war.  There has to be   a common platform where all trade head should sit together and discuss about the overall business growth. Media   should also think on these lines that how to increase or promote business, because if there is no business, there is no   media….      
  2. Challenges faced by us in last year business are i.e slow market, very less money rotation, online portals, other states vendor interference in Rajasthan, less budget, cutthroat competition, non performer IT vendors entered in the market etc…  We have focused on our traditional working styles and focused on to satisfy existing clients and taken lot of references. Added more solution in our kitty to run our business smoothly.




  1. we require funding to enhance the IT business and new ideas/startup for which

    Manish Sudrania Co-founder, HR & Admin,Sudrania Fund Services.

    so many schemes are already in place from Central/state government but their processes are very tricky and difficult one who is having influence in govt sector can easily avail them but others are always struggling, so my suggestion is to make it easy process for the same and definitely state govt can launch more easy schemes.

  2. we are facing the issue regarding recruitment of IT candidates which is perhaps just because of our state is not and IT hub though we solve this issue to over pay the candidates, so I am requesting here to promote these folks many govt schemes can attract them like they can offer free/economic accommodation and transportation facility.



1.Rajasthan IT industries can flourish with the government’s help.

Mr.Munesh Jadoun ,CEO and Founder – ZNet Technologies

  • Government can help develop infrastructure for IT activities.

  • Government should focus more on skill development and map existing skill base with IT activities.

  • Improvement in health, education and transport facilities can help achieve better productivity.

  • There should be more innovative projects especially focused towards the IT industry. Like iStart Rajasthan programme for entrepreneurs. Such projects help foster innovation, create jobs and facilitate investment in the State.

  • There should be some IT sector specific policies – tax exemption for organizations with headquarters in Rajasthan etc. to invite more investment.


Mismatch between existing and required skills. Educational institutions in Rajasthan should try and base students’ education more on practical aspects of IT implementation, rather than the theoretical rote learning.  We have started remote hiring and as a result we have a number of skilled engineers, working for us, all over India.

  • No focus on innovation was a challenge for us. So starting last year, we have been putting more focus on doing things differently, rather than going down the tried and tested road. We did multiple new integrations in our homegrown cloud automation tool – RackNap. We are slowly working towards integrating advanced technologies like IoT with it.

  • There has been an unseen dynamism in customer requirements today, accelerated by availability of new technical solutions in the market. We have taken multiple steps to keep our customers satisfied and to provide them with wholesome solutions under one umbrella- we have become the distributor of Alibaba Cloud, Acronis, Plesk, GlobalSign etc. in addition to being the long-standing Microsoft CSP partner. We have armed ourselves with capabilities to take digital transformation to enterprises in the Indian markets with our reseller network.  


  1. One of the greatest aspects of entrepreneurship is that it’s a life style truly open to all.

    SANDEEP KUMAR TIWARI,CEO & Founder,DigiQAL Technologies (OPC) Private Limited

    There are no limitations to the number or type of individual who succeed, it’s essentially limitless. But in the way of life, where the only limiting factor is you, it totally depends on your efforts and hard work that how incredibly you will achieve your success. Crossing the real obstacles and challenges ahead, they who have discovered their dreams are the brave ones and the emerging stars. 

  2. The problem which we are facing is there is a communication gap between clients and developers so sometimes we won’t understand what exactly our client wants so government should organise some seminars or workshops to improve their basic knowledge about apps so that we can deliver them exactly what they want.



1.For the past few decades, Rajasthan has been the lucrative hub of IT.

Mr. Nitin Garg,CEO,brsoftech

To revive the Rajasthan industrial growth, the Rajasthan Government is required to place a friendly investor policy that helps leading entrepreneurs to take a deep dive into the IT World. 

Rajasthan has been at the forefront of Economic Reforms. If a great number of policies will be implemented, then majorly all the roadblocks to the public and private sector industries will be removed, this could change the   economy and shape of Rajasthan IT Industries. 

2.Every IT Industries face variant challenges while growing in this competitive world. Several changes and hurdles are the significant factors behind the lack of growth. Certain hurdles faced by this organization in last year are :

  • Shortage of manpower

  • Lack of Technical know-how

  • Geo-based location 

  • Data Protection

  • Economic Slowdown

To minimize all these hurdles, We are preparing a blueprint of industrial townships and identifying the missing link to accelerate the flow of investment in the region. 



1.Rajasthan IT industry has various flavours consisting of :-

Mr.Kailash Gupta,Director, ETSC Computers Pvt. Ltd.,

a) Computer Traders which is a largely into trade of IT infrastructure products , services and solutions            through various OEM’s ; This industry us facing major challenges due to 1. Online marketplaces 2. Stiff competition within  channel 3. IAAS, PAAS and now DAAS ,

For growth in this sector ; Traditional channel needs to transform into more of Value Added service and System Integration and cloud migration services . They need to come out of their comfort zone of distribution and upskill to provide end to end solutions to customers. The device market will soon be transformed into Device as Service in line with Rent a PC or Rent a device and thus will have a major shift from current way of doing business in this segment . Since startup echo system is growing ; there will be more and more need of cloud and DAAs solutions

b) IT-ITES companies engaged in software development /BPO activities

Rajasthan has  the required infrastructure and manpower resources to barge into this segment and has a great scope          for all IT-ITES companies and must be driven by Government initiatives in this segment.

c) Startup companies which are working in various segments

This is most exciting and emerging area and many organisations ; institutions and also government is paying due attention in this area and opening up incubation centres and Mentoring platforms . They also facilitate VC; PE funding to promising startups . This is apt time for buddying startups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of these platforms

2.The major challenges we faced last year was delayed payments from Government particularly Public sector ; we have transformed our government business through Government e-Marketplace which is giving us access to PAN India market with timely payment realisations . This has helped us increase our reach and also the volume of business with increased cash flow .

The product market is highly competitive hence we are transforming our business to more of Services ( Cloud migrations; IAAS, DAAS and specialised solutions in various domains as per SMB/Corporate customers IT requirements.


Puneet Mittal

Puneet Mittal  CEO Pratham Software to grow Rajasthan IT Industries and what help you required for that from the government of Rajasthan.

  1. Education: Help the best Universities in Rajasthan so that they can produce much better students. Currently, with a lot of colleges and universities, there is quantity but not quality.

  2. Communication Infrastructure: Jaipur – Gurgaon travel time by road and train should be brought down to 3 Hours. If it happens, a lot of NCR IT Industry will have its presence in Jaipur.

  3. Better connectivity by public transport to IT Parks, like Mahindra SEZ and Sitapura in Jaipur.

  4. JDA or RIICO should bring an IT Park  (a multi-storied building ) in Jaipur, which is part of the city. It can be a multi-storeyed big building.

  5. Give incentives to big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc, to open their centers in Jaipur.

Q.What are the challenges, which you have faced last year and how did you overcome it?

  1. Increase in the manpower cost. (we have to compromise on quality, also put a lot of effort in training).

  2. Availability of resources in varied technology (again in-house training)

    Prakash Choudhary

    Prakash Choudhary  Director of Strategy  Services         Fexle Inc




  to grow Rajasthan IT Industries and what help you required for that from the government of Rajasthan.    
    1. Formation of entrepreneurial  activity a government priority – formulation of effective policy for entrepreneurial ecosystems requires the active involvement of government representative working with experienced persons in the IT world who act as ‘institutional entrepreneurs’ to shape and empower policies and programs.
    2. Ensure that government policy is broadly focused – Policy should be developed that is holistic and encompasses all components of the ecosystem rather than seeking to ‘cherry pick’ areas of special interest. Government already launched couple of schemes to boost the IT industry in Rajasthan state, but that needs improvements to execute the things in a more effective and efficient way. For e.g
    – Startup’s success ratio is very low due to lack of funding, skills, quality resources set etc… Here, government should help to set an ecosystem to give more exposure of our state IT people and companies across the globe. This can be achieved by organizing big events or conferences.
    – If someone from service industry tries to get in to government side projects/work then existing process is much robust or tricky – still the big giants are playing their role, so it’s not easy for small/medium MSME to participate there. We believe that government should give equal opportunity to small organizations as well.
    – Mahindra SEZ, an another example – only few companies started their operational units. It’s an area where government have to focus and bring more engagements with big organizations to generate the huge IT traffic.

    3. Ensure all industry sectors are considered not only high-tech section – Encourage growth across all industry sectors including low – mid – to high-tech firms. Initiate programs regarding improvement in health, tech education and transport facilities can help achieve better productivity.
    4. Tax exemption for IT organizations should be provided by government who have headquarters in Rajasthan itself.

    Q.What are the challenges, which you have faced last year and how did you overcome it?
    IT skills set and recruitment is one of our pain area or major challenge. To overcome this we do vendor engagements outside of state which really impacting our costs. The other things we are doing is – internal training of fresher students to scale up their skills to fit in the IT industry.


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