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Is Netflix disrupting the fundamental rights?

Mehul Choksi is a wanted businessman and has been accused of many crimes that he committed in India and is under trial by many courts and authorities. He has recently created a headline regarding fundamental rights violations. Currently, Netflix has released a documentary titled Bad boy billionaires: India on 23rd September 2020. The documentary has raised some questions regarding whether or not a streaming platform is allowed to disrupt any person’s fundamental rights.

The documentary is based on Vijay Mallya and many others wanted billionaires who are accused of various scams. It shows their journey of rising and fall and was earlier going to release on 2nd September 2020 but it got delayed due to orders from the court which are completely not connected to Mehul’s petition.

Mehul Choksi has asked this to the Delhi high court a little while back. His advocate has too asked if Netflix’s decision of staying non-regulated and outside the Indian jurisdiction is completely lawful.
After hearing the petition made by Mehul, the 2 judges dismissed his plea by declining to pre-screen the documentary. and they have rescheduled the issue to today 24th September 2020.

Later hearing the responses as given by the 2 judges of Delhi high court, the advocates have argued regarding the condition of Indian justice and legal system and asked to take the matter seriously because a person has come to protect his fundamental rights.

Also, on the other hand, the senior advocates for Netflix have said that Mehul Choksi isn’t an Indian citizen and can not ask for rights that are only available to the citizens of India.

Responding to the statements given by Netflix’s advocates, Choksi’s advocates said that Mehul left the country before CBI filed an FIR against him, therefore the reason that he is not an Indian citizen should not be highlighted as a reason.

Before that, Choksi’s plea was discharged by Naveen Chawla (who is a retired civil servant) and he was offered to go to the right forum or file a civil suit for the issue.