Iris Waves delivers 3,000 plus Samsung Smart Phones to Large Beverage FMCG Conglomerate

Iris Wave manages CCL Facilities & IT Infrastructure. Helps its India office become Resource Center

Iris Wave manages CCL Facilities & IT Infrastructure. Helps its India office become Resource Center

In a bid to improve real-time supplies of their products for one of the largest soft drink manufacturers, Iris Waves – the new age technology & a value-added system integration enterprise helped them with “Mobility Technology Refresh” along with their own application designed for Smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy M02
Samsung Galaxy M02

This application integrated on the device will help them increase their product availability on the shelves, with real-time logging of orders to initiate an immediate supply of cool aids to be sold to and through their retail counters in Pan India.

Himanshu Chawla
Himanshu Chawla – CEO, Iris Waves

Talking to newsmen, Mr. Himanshu Chawla – CEO, Iris Waves said – “As part of the company’s Technology Refresh initiative which happens every year, this time we have supplied 3000+ units of Samsung M02 devices with their pre-designated MDM and a homegrown site loaded App”. “This integration enables their field representatives to log orders across India on real-time, while the company can keep a tab on the field activities and presence at all levels to ensure availability.”

Iris had been supplying the company since 2017. Mr. Chawla said, that the company is progressive. They have a deep-rooted sense of using the latest & greatest technology products to support their staff at all levels.

Iris Waves supports any major digital transformation initiative that the company embarks upon. It tries to work very closely to synergize and add value to its customers. Iris Waves is focused on Mobility as a platform that helps their customers become productive on the go, always.

Iris, in the recent past, has supplied Suzlon, India’s premier wind turbine manufacturer with MS SQL Database for their Data Center Servers based at Pune. Suzlon Data Centers were using their servers to capacity. Iris was able to identify & offer the much-needed scalability using the MS products in their IT architecture. This gave them a huge performance booster. Iris since then is running and maintaining its infrastructure for the next few years.

Their mantra is to “be passionate about the customer’s potential with an obsession for being always available with disruptive and new-age technology to help eradicate business pain”.

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