August 12, 2020

Iris Eyes Huge Digital India Education Business amidst rising State Competition

In a massive logistical exercise Iris Computers today is leading the national digital literacy program by distributing computers in different states of the country.States are today competing with each other going in for a smarter way to provide basic services to the common man whether in the field of education, health or social welfare.
Under the Digital India Campaign each State Govts has budgets allocated for setting up smart classroom labs facilities in schools colleges. There are sufficient central and state funds to push this agenda which is on the priority list of both state and the center.
With its smart city concept the idea is basically to make governance more transparent
and accountable using the new age tool of computers and digitization. More and more transactions are being done online real-time to provide quick service to the public.
In the field of education digitalization, all states are thrusting in a big way with Computers and internet being used for imparting education through smart boards.
tablets which are smaller in size than a laptop, with a touch screen display and without a keyboard or mouse attached. Typing can be done by touching the on-screen keyboard and similarly commands can be given on the touch screen. Iris Computers has delivered and installed software loaded desktops in digitizing education in language laboratories.
This has been a gargantuan logistical task that has been delivered and installed in schools across the length and breadth of the country.
Senior Vice President Iris Computers Sameer Choudhary said that they expected around Rs.80 crore business by the end of this financial year from the digital education sector and in the coming financial – IRIS expects one third of its turn over to come from this vertical alone which included E education E governance and E panchayat.
Iris plays the crucial role of fulfilling these national objectives by making available the
basic infrastructure necessary by not only delivering the hardware but installing those too.
But then digitization is an important goal as the nation transforms into a modern industrial state with private enterprise companies, government sector, NGOs all looking forward to acquiring the new age tools.

Iris as a distributor company for these tools whether computers or tablets is rightly poised along with its partners to take on the any amount of business which is going to come its way from the manufacturers of these items and clients looking for acquiring these items.