IRIS Computers gets ATEIS

Hi-Tech PA Ssystem into India

DSCN0492ATEIS, the 38 year old French company with its foothold in Dubai Silicon City, focusing on developing technology and products that address acoustic and visual messages to targeted populace in public areas is now going to have its products available and marketed   through  IRIS Computers , the distributor of choice for many MNCs.DSCN0496

With the varied demands and diversity in the Indian market, ATEIS believes that IRIS’ strong distribution network and channel competency can be tapped to reach out to the large potential market for its systems in the country.

IRIS bagged Rs 6 crore order to install Samsung displays at Chennai Airport and subsequently bagged Rs 7 crore order for Kolkata airport.

Kolkata airport authorities were also looking for trade players to provide solutions regarding public address systems but with a budget of about Rs 5 crore.

With ATEIS’ long standing recognition in Dubai where their systems are installed in airports, metros, shopping malls, hotels, and public places among others, IRIS decided to bring the brand to India.

ATEIS initially started as Fire Detection Alarm and Evacuation system developer. Then the PA system came over with specialization in ECHO management system and directional sound arrangement system which are installed conventionally in hotels through 3 parallel systems.  But ATEIS’ Intelligent PA system integrates all 3 of them allowing proper streaming of channel music. Upon announcement the channel music volume automatically is reduced and upon evacuation again the other is shut off.
The Audio Systems are controlled over IP, making them the only company that integrates all the 3 systems (channel music, evacuation and announcement systems) used in Hotels.

‘ATEIS’ rationale behind choosing IRIS is that the fact that beside an immense national network they also have IT Acumen to understand and  deploy the system. IRIS automatically became the best option for ATEIS to access Indian market’ says Hussam Al Haddad, Managing Director, ATEIS.

“IRIS is happy to have joined hands with ATEIS on this product as it adds to our portfolio making it more versatile for business projects as we are targeting airports, hotels, malls and other public spaces through channel SIs adding Rs 25 crore to our revenue,” says Sanjiv Krishen, Managing Director, IRIS Computers.

As Dubai is now coming up as an International hub for such products and  ATEIS’ manufacturing unit is in Dubai, it is more suitable for them to have  distribution and long term projects in India. ATEIS is already on board for Chennai Metro, Ahmedabad Airport, Radisson hotel, among others.
Iris intends to move forward targeting Rs 2-3 crore a month  business for starters in India.