Iris Computers eyes Rs.2000 crores, this fiscal

KaminiTalwar_SanjivKrishen_SomAryaTop firms in the IT Industry like Dell Lenovo, Samsung, Acer have helped  Iris Computers Ltd for the last few years propelling its growth from Rs. 823 Crore in 2010-11 to targeting Rs. 2,000 Crore in the year 2013-14. Elaborating on his roadmap for the year 2013-14 Iris Computers Chairman Sanjiv Krishen says, “ We want to position ourselves as the ‘Distributor of Choice’ for IT companies and we have been successful in acquiring that status with some of the top firms. Today we have more than 50 per cent of Lenonvo’s commercial computer distribution business, 56 per cent of Samsung’s Enterprise IT business, apart from being the number one distributor for Dell Commercial business.”The year on year growth of Iris’s business with its existing principals have been the source of its high financial growth.


Iris’s year to year growth in business as far as –

–        Lenovo is concerned is 52 %,

–        Samsung as high as 160 %,

–        HCL 48 %, and with

–        Ateis  (Audio Systems) at 131 %.

According to Mr Sanjiv Krishen , the company closed some other major deals like –

Samsung systems for Mumbai Airport  through L&T for Rs.18 Cr,

Kolkata and Chennai Airports for Rs. 15 Cr.

There are 23 airports more to be covered , Mr Krishen added.

Police modernization programme CCTNS for Delhi, Bihar and Nagaland for Rs.100 Cr was another good deal for the company this financial, he said.

Top IT firms  may be competing with each other but as far their distribution is concerned Iris aspires to be their preferred choice .With its fundamentals right and dynamic management team, there will be no stopping Iris to achieve its ambitious goals of breaking the Rs. 2,000 cr mark.

The reason for Iris Computers gaining the confidence of its clients over the years is the company’s ability to be  “ responsive and quick in its decision making, quick in its credit evaluation and order noting, and quick in its deliveries,” says Sanjiv Krishen.

Sanjiv Krishan agrees that they could take advantage of being a small but highly professional and nimble company to successfully compete and bag distribution orders in the niche area of commercial computers compared to other large distributing firms like Ingram and Redington who dealt with several other product lines too.

Recently Mr Sanjiv Krishen received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution of the IT Industry for more than three decades at the national and international level working at top management level in a multinational distribution company representing IBM, Apple, Compaq, AT&T and Paradyne Data Communications. The award recognized his achievement over a span of just four years through rapid expansion of the existing product portfolio and vendor base. Iris Computers is one of the leading and dynamic distributors of computer systems and peripherals, of leading OEMs like IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, HCL, Canon and APC through its network of 34 branches throughout India.

One of the largest domestic IT distribution companies in the country,

Iris Computers to overcome its constraint of funds has tied up with Inflexion Point a global-focused IT supply chain company of South Asia , parting with  eight per cent of its equity. “ We expect Inflexion Point to infuse more funds in our expansion and future plans.”

Posting growth figures of 34 per cent in the year 2011-12, Iris, achieved a turnover of Rs.1200 crore, up from a turnover of Rs. 823 crore in the previous year.  

Sanjiv Krishen said.  “ We are looking at a target of Rs. 2,000 crore turnover for the period 2013-14. It is a conservative estimate and we will definitely cross it.” We plan to open five new offices including offices in Sri Nagar, Madurai, Trivandrum and Ranchi, Mr Krishen says.

Besides geographical expansion Iris Computers plans to add more brands into its fold . Iris Computers also wants to take on the business of Components which include hard drives, solid state drives.