March 3, 2021

Iris Bucks the National Trend

Iris Computers bucks the national trend by growing rapidly at the time of a slowdown in the PC Market.SK 1 IMG_1904

Chairman Iris Computers Ltd, Sanjiv Krishen foresees a 40 – 50 %  growth in his distribution business at a time when most IT business pundits have declared “ PC is slowly dying ” or  “ the notebook era is finishing. ”  The most optimistic forecast puts the PC Business growth at no more than 7 –  8 %. Sanjiv Krishen informed that his company was able to survive and grow during this period because of its inherent ability to aggressively seize business opportunities wherever they were found and satisfy the customers’ demands.“We are fuelling the market by working along with our partners and extending credit to execute large orders.Last financial year Iris crossed a turnover of Rs. 1,100 crore and this year despite the impending slowdown it has crossed Rs. 1,600 crore. To achieve this IRIS has moved into new areas.One of them is to support System Integrators and Partners like –

HCL, Vyamtech, and Corporate Infotech who provide computer systems to state Governments under the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS).CCTNS is a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan of Govt of India. It aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing through adopting of principle of e-Governance and creation of a nationwide networking infrastructure for evolution of IT-enabled-state-of-the-art tracking system around  ‘Investigation of crime and detection of criminals’. An allocation of Rs. 2000 crore has been made for CCTNS Project.

The idea is to make the Police functioning citizen friendly and more transparent by automating the functioning of Police Stations, improving Police functioning in various other areas such as Law and Order, Traffic Management etc.

Under the CCTNS Project 14,000 Police Stations throughout the country has been proposed to be automated beside 6000 higher offices in police hierarchy, finger print bureaus and Forensic Labs.IRIS Computers Ltd has already succeeded in supplying computer systems worth Rs.100 crore to State Governments of UP, Nagaland, Orissa under CCTNS, beating their competitors.

“We get the orders despite stiff competition from our competitors because we are flexible, responsive and more accessible by being open from 9 am to 9 pm and whenever our customers need us, even during public holidays and weekends. So our customers know that they can get to us at any time they want and we will deliver.” Iris Computers has also executed orders for over Rs. 100 crore for Samsung LFD (Large Format Display) monitors and many other leading products from Samsung.

Mr Sanjiv Krishen said “These monitors are becoming an essential requirement today in almost all small, medium and big agencies at their receptions, canteens, security rooms, conference rooms and common areas.

Iris Computers alert, daring and combative style of business can be gauged from the fact that recently the company virtually won back an order worth Rs.10.50 crore which it had already lost to its competitor. 

This was made possible because of the Iris flexibility and burning desire to overcome obstacles, thus keeping their customers and their principals happy.