Iphone 5s & Google Nexus 5x At Same Price Range Rs 25000

Apple at this week brought down the price of their phone iPhone 5S, it’s a flagship smartphone two years ago, to Rs IPhone_Nexus24,999. This pricing range puts iPhone 5S – the highest-selling smartphone for Apple India – in direct competition with Google Nexus 5X, his price is also recently dropped  down a little under Rs 25,000.

Now this presents a counter drum for any buyer who is looking for a flagship smartphone at mid prices range. We take a look at the pros & cons of both smartphones so that users can decide which one is the right model for their use.

Right now iPhone 5S may not be the cheapest iPhone user can buy in India right now, but it’s the surely the one which we would like to recommend if you want your first taste of the Apple brand. This model also have fingerprint sensors a mainstream feature among all the smartphones. And the gold color as well.

Here are the few advantage of buying iPhone 5s –

iOS 10 Update –

iPhone 5S is may be over two years old phone, but it should be upgraded to the next version of iOS in upcoming year (Apple’s software update strategy so far). It means you will also get access to many of the new upcoming features the company will introduce to the iPhone series (though this not all features will get into iPhone 5S).

Great Build in  Quality –

iPhone 5S has a great well-crafted metallic body which give us a premium look from the get go. Courtesy is that their small screen, it is very easy to operate with one hand as well.

Sharpness in Screen Display –

iPhone 5S’ have 4-inch screen with the sport resolution of 640x1136p, resulting their pixel density is 326ppi or what Apple calls Retina display Screen. It have the same pixel density like the new iPhone 6S which is also sports resolution, so with iPhone 5S you user will get a smartphone that which  shows sharp text as well as images also.

Decent Performance –

This iPhone 5S is an ageing smartphone, it is not certainly slouch in the performance department. You can also expect all apps & games to run smoothly & without any lagging.

Camera Quality –

Good camera quality of iPhone 5S was ranked among the best camera in smartphones at the present time it was launched, so you can expect great pictures from this handset.

Here Are The Few Disadvantages of Buying iPhone 5s –

iPhone 5S has a lot of remedies, but not everything about it is great. Check out a few remedies of this smartphone

Storage Size Insufficient –

In Rs 25,000, consumer will only get the base model of iPhone 5S, which is only offers 16GB storage. Therefore, you will find out yourself running out of storage if you would like to plan a lot of music, photos & videos in your phone.

Weak Battery Life –

Apple, is seemingly in a bid to keep their phones width thin, & due to this they always compromised on the battery. Due to this, heavy phone user have to kept a power bank with them in the fear of phone running out of battery. One reprieve is that Apple has been intro several small improvement with iOS 9 that have a positive effect on their battery life of iPhones in general.

Small Screen Size –

Now a days this is an unavoidable trade-off for any user who wants to buy a iPhone under the price range Rs 35,000 today. The small screen make it for a compact handset but also means that you have a very small screen for seeing a videos also for typing.

Here Are The Few Advantages of Buying Google Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X, is unlike iPhone 5S, is a fresh-off-the-rack smartphone & it comes with some of the best feature which Google has to offer to a smartphone, Nexus 5X have a  Imprint fingerprint sensor and also fast battery charging.

Android Marshmallow –

With Android Marshmallow is the still only on a handful of smartphone, Nexus 5X is the most affordable. Bet if you want a to taste a latest version of Google’s mobile Operating System.

Excellent camera –

One of the best reason to buy Google Nexus 5X is the stellar camera quality. Camera quality was always be a weak point for the all Google Nexus range, but that’s all changed in this year. Now buyer can expect super-sharp photos that capture even the small details of capturing space, offer with a great colour reproduction & white balance.

Great Performance –

This phone is Powered by Snapdragon 808, Google Nexus 5X is delivers a stellar performance across the all board, whether it is full of  apps or games.

Sharp Display –

The 5.2-inch display screen of Google Nexus 5X offers a good pixel density of 423ppi due to which the Full HD (1080x1920p) panel. This makes it for a very crisp screen that does not show any pixelation & offers colour that are not over-saturated.

Compact Design –

One of the big advantage of the Google Nexus 5X is that it is  designed to ensures that you get a big screen without making it unwieldy to operate with users one hand.

Here Are The Few Disadvantage of Buying Google Nexus 5X –

RAM size is Just 2Gb-

One of the bad gripes is that we have with Nexus 5X is that it is only packs with 2GB of RAM under the hood. The performance of this smartphone was excellent throughout our review period, but the Android applications are expected to get heavier over the upcoming couples of year & 2GB of RAM may be insufficient for that.

Storage Size is Less –

Google Nexus 5X, is just like iPhone 5S, offers only 16GB of the internal storage (& their is no microSD card support) at this price Rs 25,000. Thankfully, Android offers file system access to users, so user can add storage via USB OTG cable.

Plastic Body –

The Nexus 5X is available in mostly plastic, so this smartphone doesn’t feel as premium look as does a metal-bodied handset.

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