iOS jailbreaking Software — Dick Bussiere, Technical Director, Tenable APAC comments

A new jailbreaking software called unc0ver 5.0 was released for iOS 13.5 using an unspecified zero-day exploit that was discovered by researcher “pwn2ownd.” The software claims to be capable of jailbreaking “every signed iOS version on every device.” While jailbreaking an iPhone might sound appealing to users, Dick BussiereTechnical Director at Tenable APAC advises otherwise as it could expose users to unforeseen threats.

The release of ‘unc0ver’ 5.0, a tool to jailbreak all iOS versions including the latest release, iOS 13.5, is another move in the continuous cat and mouse game being played out by the jailbreaking community against iOS.

Jailbreaking your device using this tool is of questionable provenance and downloading it could likely expose users to other malicious activities that could be exploited by an attacker – a risk not worth taking with sensitive personal information at stake. While there are reports that this jailbreak keeps the security mechanisms built into iOS intact, we still advise against jailbreaking an iPhone as it could expose users to unforeseen threats.”