apple logoApple is set to revise the exchange rate used for calculation of pricing of iOS apps. As a result, App Store users in India, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, and Turkey will see an increase in the prices of paid apps in their respective stores.

Apple says the move is “to account for changes in foreign exchange rates”, though the move may surprise users in India, given the rupee’s recent rally as compared to the US dollar. Until Monday, Apple has been pricing apps at the rate 1 USD = 55 INR, even when the rupee touched 68 against the dollar, so the users have enjoyed lower rates for a long time.

The new rate is not live at the time of publishing this article but, as per Apple, the move should be reflected later on Tuesday. It’s worth noting that Tuesday (April 1) marks the beginning of the financial year in many countries.

Apple also notes that users in Israel and New Zealand will benefit from decreased pricing.


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