iOS 14.5 will help you unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

It’s been a while since Apple has launched Face ID, now their only way of biometric authentication in the flagships iPhones. However, since the pandemic, the use of mask has become necessary for everyone whenever they got out, and unlocking your iPhone using password while your mask is on is the only way.

Seems like now with the update of iOS 14.5, the users who own an apple watch can unlock their iPhones easily. The Developer Beta version of iOS 14.5 is out now and with that from hereon whenever a user will try to unlock iPhone while having a mask, it’ll then unlock if you have an Apple Watch paired to it and you Watch will then give you a haptic feedback.

This specific feature was already available for Macs and now it has come to iPhones also. Earlier, apple did provided with an update in which when a user tries to unlock an iPhone through Face ID and having a mask on, it then instantly provides you with a pass code option which used to ages earlier before.

The Apple Watch must be in close proximity for this feature to work which is of course a mandatory measure and if the Apple Watch itself is locked then this feature won’t work.

While this feature is a good add on but, if a user tries to install an app from App Store or buy something from iTunes, user will still be required for an authentication and also you will have to input your pass code once in every few hours even after having this feature on.

It has also been rumored that iPhone 13 may have an in screen fingerprint scanner. The new iPad Air has embedded fingerprint scanner in the power button itself, so there may be a possibility of expecting an in screen fingerprint scanner.

Also, while this feature is only available to people who are enrolled in developers program now but we may soon expect the same for the end users too.