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Introducing A Mini Computer Based On Raspberry Pi

From high school science fair projects to home appliances, we’ve seen numerous interesting, innovative and incredible things done Respberry Piwith Raspberry Pi. But have you ever imagined Raspberry Pi running an Apple computer? Powered by Raspberry Pi Model A+ and Raspbian, the mini Apple Computer is built by Charles Mangin.

The small PC has been able to grab eyeballs with its cute looks and amazing features. But the most surprising fact about the computer is that you can either purchase it or build it yourself by downloading the specifications. Apart from Raspberry Pi, it is also backed by Raspbian which acts like the cherry on the cake. Based on Debian, the Linux distribution works beautifully with Raspberry Pi.

“Charles Mangin makes a hobby out of creating miniature retro computers, and he’s certainly outdone himself with the retro Apple 3D printed with a Raspberry Pi inside, featuring USB plug-in and working 2.5″ LCD display. The files can be found on Thingiverse for 3D printing and can also be purchased fully assembled and finished by Mangin on Etsy,” wrote Brian Krassenstein.

While we agree that finding LCD display of 6.35 cm (2.5-inch) won’t be easy, but once you get it, you won’t regret it for sure. The computer has been featured on the 3dprintboard.com and the Raspbian OS is available on the internet. Meanwhile, you can also 3D print the computer to see its replica.

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