IntraMeta Corporation Launches Nuvos A “One And Done” Universal Software Development Kit (SDK)

IntraMeta5 IntraMeta Corporation today unveils nuvos, a “one and done” universal software development kit (SDK) and its accompanying subscription-based cloud build and test service.

nuvos allows developers to write a single app that runs almost anywhere, without platform specific coding. Developers write apps in Java, using their standard development environment, with no additional SDKs. The nuvos cloud service then builds and tests their apps for multiple platforms. Developers then upload their fully native apps to popular app stores.

Users of nuvos can leverage a catalog of pre-integrated connectors to services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Twillio, or quickly develop adapters to existing web services, such as enterprise applications. By utilizing the nuvos build cloud, developers can publish to native mobile, native desktop, smart devices, or HTML5 all from one codebase. The nuvos SDK features advanced graphics and touch gestures to engage users, allowing developers to create fully-native applications with no requirement for interpreters or middleware, while unlocking full access to device capabilities.

Once published, nuvos apps can automatically synchronize data for seamless online/offline access. By separating app code from platform-specific code, nuvos apps are fully insulated from future changes to devices and operating systems.

We developed nuvos as a direct response to the challenges we faced while delivering solutions to demanding enterprise customers. There was simply no solution that met these needs, so we invented one,” said IntraMeta President, Kevin McCarthy. “Today we couldn’t be more excited than to be at the JavaOne conference to share our technology with so many developers with similar needs.

We’ve just super charged Java; leveraging its strengths in connecting services, while greatly enhancing its user experience and portability for end users. This is absolutely a game-changer for Java in the apps arena.