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Interview With Globus Infocom Ltd- a leading EdTech brand

1. Sherwin :- What is the role of Globus Infocom in bringing a change in the Indian education system?
Kiran Dham,(C.E.O. – Globus Infocom Limited) :- “Making education accessible to all is what Globus believes” .Globus Infocom Limited was established in the year 2001, celebrating 22 years of excellence Globus Infocom is growing with its strong determination to bring revolution to the education system.

Believing in the power of technology, we have tapped into the potential to build better futures, meaningful businesses, and enriching experiences for organizations as well as for users. With our zeal to bring some significance, we have developed a plethora of digital learning solutions that have modernized education and is able to bridge the digital divide between urban & rural areas. We seek to offer unlimited possibilities with distinct offerings for our partners, customers, and team members.

Kiran Dham,(C.E.O. – Globus Infocom Limited)

2. Sherwin :- How Globus Infocom is changing the aspect of Education with the use of technology like Metaverse, and AI?
Kiran Dham :- The integration of technology in the classrooms has helped students to explore, learn and create a better learning space for them. Students now can adopt the concept in a better way, evaluate their growth with enriched assessments procedure, and improve academic performances by practicing personalized learning. The inclusion of Metaverse in education has allowed students to attend virtual classes remotely ensuring the effective practice of e-learning, Equally, AI has made it possible for students to customize their educational programs & learning strategies to suit their unique preferences.

It’s the idea of Edutainment that is accelerating the integration of advanced digital learning solutions like Interactive Displays, Digital Board, Virtual Classroom & Learning Management Systems, and Digital Language Lab in classrooms.

3. Sherwin :- How Globus Infocom is opening career options for the tech-savvy generation?
Kiran Dham :- In the era of unprecedented transformation, the importance of skill-based learning is rising. Skillset in learners allows students to think beyond grades. It opens up varied opportunities and makes them future-ready.

Globus solutions have been designed & developed to eradicate the prevalent challenges of lack of confidence, communication, skills, etc. Digital Learning Solutions like Virtual Classrooms help students to opt for varied online courses that upskills youth making them future-ready. Additionally, Globus digital language lab is an effective language learning platform that helps in developing language as a skill advancing their career.

4. Sherwin :- Do you think Technology-enabled learning can give a new direction to the traditional mindset about career & upskilling?
Kiran Dham :- Yes, Technology has enhanced and expanded the work domain of learners. Today learners are prioritizing skills over degrees and are practicing smart learning approaches to do well in their jobs. Students are now able to learn, understand, and even recall information more readily and effectively thanks to digital and smart classroom solutions.

New approaches to learning have not only helped in inculcating modern technological abilities amongst learners but it has also ensured students develop soft skills like decision-making, problem-solving & leadership. Soft skills directly contribute towards maintaining overall organizational culture.

5. Sherwin :- How leading Edtech brands are using technology to address & resolve the issue of access to quality education?
Kiran Dham :- EdTech has transformed and given new meaning to quality learning in classrooms. With the help of digital learning solutions in the classroom, teachers are able to practice individual-focused learning. Well-designed NCERT-based K-12 content become the easiest mode of learning as teachers are able to explain concepts effectively with help of it. Animation, game-based learning, and practice exercises are the latest tools for the effective delivery of knowledge in classrooms.

In a quickly changing world, it is a lifelong learning approach that will enable students to succeed.

6. Sherwin:- How to Incorporate Technology into Literacy Instruction in a Responsible Manner?
Kiran Dham :- By utilizing Edtech in educational environments, teachers can better cater to each student’s individual learning needs and boost motivation among their students. Utilizing the maximum from well-defined digital tools to ensure an immersive learning environment in the classrooms.

Also, to ensure the digital well-being of children we have provided Child-lock features in many of our technological solutions to provide a safe harbor to learners helping parents & teachers to find balance & safety online.

7. Sherwin :- How Ed-tech is guiding students in tier 2 and tier 3 cities?
Kiran Dham :- The government has taken multiple measures that include steps to bring online education accessible particularly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. In this effort to bring change in education, advanced and feature-rich technology has been a helping hand.
With the recent trend of the practice of online & hybrid learning in classrooms, students in these areas are accessing courses effectively. Additionally, Globus provides effective training to teachers with the usage of these learning solutions making them more confident in teaching with technology.

8. Sherwin :- How do academics and skills go hand in hand for the modern job market?
Kiran Dham :- There is now an overwhelming need for a highly skilled workforce given the quickly evolving job market requirements. Skill-based education provides opportunities for students to practice education. Today there is multiple e-learning platform offering different courses to adapt and enhance their work profile. Extensive learning platforms and exposure through this enhanced skill set will help professionals improve their performances.

9. Sherwin :- How is the Ed-tech industry assisting in the recovery process of rural India?
Kiran Dham :- Edtech created great opportunities for students living in remote areas who previously had limited access to education. The most extensive, comprehensive, and user-friendly digital learning solutions like Interactive Displays, Digital Boards, Digital Language Labs, and Virtual Classrooms are incorporated into classes effectively to provide quality education to the marginalized section of society curbing the digital divide.

Moreover, collective efforts of government, NGOs, and leading edtech brands & CSR of corporate offices
are contributing towards bringing a paradigm shift in education. We all as a community have to create an ecosystem where we together work towards the recovery process of rural India which has started already but still has a long way to go.

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