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Intelenet Global Services sees a growing appetite for their F & A services

Demand for data scientists is outpacing hiring of accountants at EY which is a sure sign of the industry’s growing appetite for technology.[1] Auditing and accounting processers are becoming less of a burden for finance teams as they ramp up investment in new technologies.
Accurate reporting, budgeting and forecasting remains key to holistically managing a business’s financial position. Finance teams and accountant roles have gone beyond the basic finance function and are integral to the overall corporate strategy.
Many financial teams have turned to automation tools to boost operational efficiency. Excess costs from human errors can be reduced by eliminating manual input of financial data in relation to payroll, tax and auditing. Time is freed up from repetitive administrative tasks towards uncovering data-driven insights from financial data to help steer the strategic direction of the business.
In the last 6 months Intelenet® Global Services have experienced an increase in demand for their Finance & Accounting capabilities by large players in healthcare, financial services, travel & hospitality and retail to re-engineer their internal financial processes. These large global businesses are looking to support finance teams strategically enhance business outcomes whilst meeting all operational requirements.
Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet® Global Services comments, “Our clients are working in fast paced environments which is why they value us being agile and responsive to their requirements and challenges. Over the years we have built a track record of delivering operational excellence and pride ourselves in having long term relationships with our clients.
Bhupender continues, “We assess and identify steps to holistically strengthen a business’s financial management process. Through collaboration we tailor our solutions to cater to their needs. In the last sixth months we have employed 1000 additional full-time employees to help us deliver operational efficiencies for our clients.”
“Next generation technologies have redefined corporate finance. Automating the workflow process using major ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP helps consolidate information in one place but also track transaction history for audit trail purposes to help them boost operational efficiency. Streamlining the financial management process through automation can allow finance teams to cut down retail losses by 50% through better governance and timely processes.”
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