Intel Showcases It’s Internet of Things Platform!


 Intel has introduced it’s own IoT (Internet of Things) platform to help companies in building smart internet-connected products. Intel’s IoT platform is set of building blocks based on Intel components and software. These blocks can be used to create smart and connected devices.

Head of Intel’s IoT business, Doug Davis said, “We are using our highest performance Xeon processor to empower compute capability to end-point devices. We are focusing on efficient communication between device sensors and data centers. This will enable data centers to analyze the data more accurately.” He was speaking at Intel’s IoT launch event in San Francisco.

Intel is has wide vision of leading in all computing trends. Company has already succeeded in manufacturing computer chips for smartphone and tablets. Industry experts believe that this slow adoption of Intel will bring more polished products in future. 

Company has wide range of products in processors, sensors and internet connectivity devices. They are using these hardware components in consumer level as well as industrial level products. It had become necessary for Intel to tap in this new emerging trend of Internet of Things (IoT). Most competitor companies have already launched their own IoT platform or at least products.

As per the survey report done by ABI Research firm, the market penetration of wireless gadgets will become twice by end of this decade. Most of these wireless gadgets will be smart devices other than PCs and smartphones. Intel partners, Dell, SAP, TCS, Accenture and other companies are working on new reference model to work with Intel’s IoT platform. Company’s IoT division made the revenue of $427.7 million in September, which contributes to the 4 per cent of total revenue of this quarter. However the growth rate of IoT revenue in Intel is much faster than their PC business.

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