Intel Is Already Thinking About Linux Kernel 3.13

intel-logoWhile the world is still waiting for the Linux Kernel 3.11, Intel has already started to think about the Linux Kernel 3.13.

We have not even seen the Linux 3.11 kernel as of now, which means the the next Linux 3.12 kernel is far off, but developers at Intel’s Open-Source Technology Center are already working on certain features, which are likely to land with Linux 3.13 arrives.

Daniel Vetter from Intel OTC on Friday published a new drm-intel-testing Git branch state which will provide the PC8+ support, VMA patches, optimized CPU cache flushing, RC6 tuning, and much more. He also said in his mailing list post, “a second heads-up: I expect that the next feature round won’t hit 3.12, so from now on it’s all for 3.13. Or at least very likely for 3.13.”

Below is the list of key features of the drm-intel-testing Git:

– PC8+ support
– More vma patches
– Kconfig option to enable preliminary support by default
– Optimized cpu cache flush handling and support for write-through caching of display planes on Iris
– RC6 tuning from Stéphane Marchesin for more stability
– VECS seqno wrap/semaphores fix (Ben)
– A pile of smaller cleanups and improvements all over