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Intel at E3 2019: Making the PC the Best Place to Play

Intel’s leaders discussed performance leadership at Computex with the special edition 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-9900KS processor. Coming this holiday, it will make the world’s best gaming desktop processor1even better. For laptop gamers, our 9th Gen Intel Core H-series mobile processors deliver desktop-caliber performance. Twenty million PC gaming enthusiasts place their trust in us every year to continue pushing boundaries on a spectrum of games, and we’re paying this off with performance advantages from 5 GHz speeds, tuning tools for maximum CPU performance, and expanded platform capabilities including Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and Intel® Optane™ memory. And, we’re making strides to grow the gaming enthusiast overclocking community with the Intel® Performance Maximizer – coming June 18 – that makes overclocking on desktops more accessible to the masses.

Performance leadership is also about pioneering in areas that others aren’t. We want anyone buying a new PC to be able to have a great gaming experience. I’m saying this as someone who enjoys having options. I game on a custom-built desktop when I’m at home or on my MSI GS65 Stealth laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor when I’m on the move, but I increasingly want a great gaming experience on any PC, including those not purpose-built for gaming.

An example of this is how we improve casual gaming on ultrathin laptops. The new 10th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris® Plus graphics coming this fall will bring nearly 2×2 graphics performance and up to 2×3 faster FPS on many popular titles in 1080p. It’s this type of uncompromised PC gaming experience on any device we’re making the standard.

Shaping What’s Next for PC Gaming

My job at Intel is ensuring we’re always breathing new life into PC gaming by delivering first-rate technology and path finding for the future. And here’s what I see coming:

·Gaming is moving rapidly to the cloud, and Intel is enabling more ways for people to access their favorite games. We are collaborating with industry leaders, including Tencent*, PlayGiga*, Game stream*, and telcos and service providers, to deliver the best cloud gaming experiences for everyone.

·We’re committed to improving the graphics experience of more than a billion people worldwide. For system improvements and smooth playability, we’re making headway by providing Day 0 graphics driver support for the latest titles at launch. Moreover, gamers – based on their hardware – can leverage Intel – Game play to find optimal game settings or use the Intel® Graphics Command Center for one-click game optimization.

·And our Honeycomb Glacier concept laptop featuring a companion display is driving form factor innovation for enthusiast gaming laptops.

Making the PC the best place to play requires more than products to drive the industry forward. Intel’s trifecta of hardware development, software enablement and breadth of partnerships positions us to continue to make PC gaming more innovative, while preserving the open ecosystem that defines the space.

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