March 2, 2021

Instagram On Android Gets Features For ‘3D Touch’

The 3D Touch technology came into focus only with smartphones like Apple’s iPhone, Huawei Mate S.

Now, Instagram will follow the series with its launch of InstagramiOS app in November 2015. After its trial run on iOS for a couple of months, Instagram has introduced it to Android. It has an update that effectively mimics the functionality without the actual display technology.

As per research firm IHS, 25 per cent of smartphones in 2016 will come with pressure-sensitive displays. Till then, nearly all Android smartphones do not have this function. Instagram wanted to cater this feature to its Android user base as well so it ported the function to Android devices with a new app update.

The update permits users to press hard and long on a photo to bring up a lightbox-like module. This will give its users a larger preview without abandoning their current screen. One can even like the message and share it.

The new update will come up automatically on your Android device with Instagram installed. In case it doesn’t, one can download Instagram from the Google Play Store.