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Instagram is rolling out GIF comments, Gifts and Reels Editing features in India soon

Source: Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has recently announced a host of exciting new features designed to enhance the Instagram experience for users in India. To provide a sneak peek into these upcoming features, a special product education workshop was organized at Meta’s Mumbai office, inviting a diverse group of creators to participate.

GIF comments on posts and Reels

Building on previous introductions like ads in search results and Reminder Ads, Instagram is now bringing even more fun and expressiveness to user interactions. One notable addition is the ability to post GIF comments, allowing users to infuse their engagement with a playful touch. Whether you’re enjoying a side-splitting reel or simply want to show appreciation for a friend’s latest post, GIF comments offer a creative and dynamic way to connect. Excitingly, this feature is now accessible to Instagram users around the world, expanding the avenues for engaging and entertaining conversations.

With these new features, Meta is striving to make Instagram a more immersive and enjoyable platform for users in India and beyond. By introducing playful elements like GIF comments, they aim to enhance the expressive potential of interactions and foster a vibrant community of creators and users.

Instagram Gifts for Creators

Fans can now purchase Stars and give them to producers on Reels as virtual presents thanks to this new feature. It makes it simple for producers to profit from their work. Since November 2022, a trial has been taking place. Fans can choose from a variety of themed presents to express their gratitude and admiration.

Reels Editing

Instagram has recently introduced an exciting new feature called the Reels editor, which consolidates video clips, audio, stickers, and text into a unified editing screen. This initial release laid the foundation for a more streamlined editing experience. But Instagram doesn’t stop there! Over the next few weeks, they will be rolling out additional updates globally, unlocking even more creative possibilities for your reels.

These upcoming updates bring enhanced editing capabilities to Instagram’s Reels feature, allowing users to take their content creation to the next level. One of the new additions is the Split feature, which seamlessly divides a single clip into two separate clips. This grants users greater control over their editing process, enabling more precise adjustments and refined storytelling.

Another exciting update is the Speed feature, which empowers creators to manipulate the tempo of their clips. Whether you want to add a touch of excitement by accelerating the footage or create a dramatic effect by slowing it down, this functionality opens up a whole new realm of creative exploration.

Lastly, Instagram is introducing the Replace feature, which makes swapping one clip with another a breeze. The best part is that this exchange won’t disrupt the timing or sequence of other elements within your reel, such as audio or additional clips. This allows for seamless transitions and effortless experimentation without any hassle.

The aforementioned new features will be gradually rolled out in India within the upcoming weeks.

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