Informatica launches data security intelligence software in india

Refine Data Security & Risk Management with Informatica Secure@Source

Informatica, the world’s No. 1 provider of data management solutions, today announced the India launch of its offering, informaticaSecure@Source, at the Informatica World TourÒ 2016 in Mumbai. It is the industry’s first data security intelligence solution to provide enterprise-wide analysis on sensitive data risk across complex heterogeneous data platforms including cloud, big data and traditional databases.

With recent developments in technology and increasing volumes of data now being stored and used, organizations are under intense pressure to secure sensitive data from all types of external and internal threats. The biggest challenge lies in being aware of the location and growth of basic information, and the usage of their critical data assets. Informatica’s Secure@Source automates the discovery, identification, analysis, monitoring and alerting of sensitive data risks across the enterprise, cloud, and big data platforms. The solution empowers organizations to be proactive and helps them standardize the measurement of sensitive data risk across groups and departments. It also enables them to track data risk over time, to audit and prioritize their security controls and investments.

“The continuing proliferation of critical data across data stores, country boundaries and cloud, along with the risks inherent to big data, necessitates a transformation in how these data assets are safeguarded,” said Amit Walia, executive vice president and chief product officer, Informatica. “As a data-centric security intelligence solution, Secure@Source delivers insights into enterprise data risk that cannot be derived from other solutions. The solution has boosted efficiency and credibility of projects in North America and EMEA, and we are excited to introduce Secure@Source to India. We have a significant R&D base in India, and are well equipped to support local customer requirements. Secure@Source will empower enterprises in India to prioritize data protection efforts, optimally align security resources, and increase the value of security investments.”

Speaking on the significance of the solution for India, Adarsh Noronha, country manager – India, Informatica, said, “Breaches on a nation-wide scale, like the recent case where more than 30 lakh debit cards got compromised, are very concerning. Organizations recognize that sensitive information can potentially be at risk. With Secure@Source, we help the industry address the urgency to step up on data security measures – by leveraging technology as the key enabler to deliver a 360-degree visibility of where sensitive data resides and ensure protection is enforced.”

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