February 27, 2021


Informatica Corporation, an independent provider of data integration software, today introduced Informatica Healthcare Data Management. The new offering is the most comprehensive solution available for empowering healthcare organizations to manage the full spectrum of healthcare master data domains — and the relationships between them — for improved analytics and operational decision making.


Achieving the objectives of Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act requires that healthcare organizations capture and manage unprecedented amounts of data, and put the data to work to enhance the value of healthcare delivery. Informatica Healthcare Data Management strikes directly at this need by ensuring reliable, accurate, trustworthy data is readily available to support analytics and clinical decision-making at the point of care.

Based on Informatica master data management (MDM) technology, Informatica Healthcare Data Management helps healthcare organizations to enable an authoritative view of patient, providers, service locations, health plans, and employees, as well as the key relationships between these entities to improve preventive care, care coordination and analytics around quality trends.

It helps deliver insight into referral network and location utilization rates, enabling healthcare organizations to cultivate referrers with differentiating services and targeted promotions. The Informatica Healthcare Data Management offers a comprehensive data management platform that helps organizations to quickly adapt to new business needs, lower total cost of ownership, and deliver rapid time-to-value.

“Healthcare organizations are under extraordinary pressure to use their data to gain insights into their business, identify best clinical practices and drive quality, efficiency and revenues while reducing referral leakage and encouraging customer loyalty,” said Richard Cramer, chief healthcare strategist, Informatica. “Yet they are almost always thwarted by poor quality data and by a lack of reliable data to drive accurate analytics and operational intelligence. Designed to increase business agility, Informatica Healthcare Data Management is the most comprehensive solution available for getting all this data right and keeping it correct and useful.”

Informatica Healthcare Data Management directly addresses some of the most vexing changes facing healthcare organizations grappling with the many dimensions of healthcare reform. Among these challenges are ensuring clinical and business analytics are based on accurate, reliable and trustworthy data; developing new insights and processes for managing the health of populations; and delivering trustworthy, actionable decision support at the point of interaction with the patient that reduces unwanted variation in care.

Healthcare Data Management also significantly expands on the value of point solutions, such as enterprise master patient indexes (EMPI), for managing healthcare data. It centrally manages patient identities, healthcare providers, payers, employees, service locations, organizational hierarchies, as well as relationships such as primary care relationship, physicians who are members of a patient’s care team, or employees who have interacted with the patient or member.