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Industry welcomes DOT’s landmark move to simplify mandatory telecom certification

The Department of Telecom has shifted several telecom products to a more simplified testing and certification regime, which will significantly impact compliance costs and timelines. In a recent notification, the Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC), under the Department of Telecom,shifted certain telecom products namely routers, switches, access points, and others under broadband from theGeneral Certification Scheme (GCS) to the Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) under Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE).Through this move, the industry can now obtain TEC certification for notified telecom products basis self-declaration of test reports and does not have to undertake additional costs of evaluation of the test reports by TEC.

Mr. Harish Krishnan, Chairman, MAITEase of Doing Business (EoDB) Committee

Hailing the development, Mr. Harish Krishnan, Chairman, MAITEase of Doing Business (EoDB) Committee said,“MAIT welcomes TEC’s initiative of shifting of critical telecom products to a more simplified regime. This shift has resulted in the reduction of the certification timeline by months, and also the high cost of certification for each product. The industry has been working to ensure compliance with the timeline of mandatory certification of specific telecom and networking equipment by July 1, 2023. We acknowledge TEC’s and DOT’s commitment to make compliance with MTCTE smooth for the industry at every stage. The shift to a self-declaration-based certification regime will significantly accelerate Digital India goals.”

Further, Mr. Krishnan adds, “Recent government reforms are expected to have a cascading effect on the growth of the electronics and telecom sectors – from reforming telecom equipment testing and certification to reducing overlaps in electronics and telecom regulations, among others.”

Col AA Jafri, Retd, Acting Director General MAIT

Speaking on the occasion, Col AA Jafri, Retd, Acting Director General MAIT said, “ MAIT believes that active consultation with the industry is the key to resolving some of the regulatory challenges that India currently faces. Electronics and telecom industries are critical for the growth of the country and regulations can be a powerful catalyst in this journey. MAIT looks forward to working with the government to ensure that suchregulations strengthenIndia’s capability as we seek to proliferate broadband and 5G services across the nation.”

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