Industries that can integrate contact centre solutions to gain competitive advantage

Mr. Amit Gandhi Founder NovelVox

Contact centre solutions have gradually been redefining how businesses were conventionally done across different sectors. Irrespective of whether you are into healthcare, banking, finance, retail, insurance, or any other sector for that matter, addressing customers’ needs and concerns constitute the core of all operations. To achieve the same, it is imperative to bolster the line of communication between a brand and its customers. Hence, contact centre solutions can be your business’s biggest strength irrespective of which industry it hails from.

When we talk about integrating contact centre solutions, it can be done at two levels basically, one at Agent Desktop’s level and the other pertaining to the desktops accessed by the supervisors, i.e., Supervisor Desktop. Mr. Amit Kumar, Founder of NovelVox explains in this article ‘how different industries can make use of the new-age solutions’.


The Healthcare infrastructure of a country speaks volume about how valuable human life there is. While the infrastructure is certainly about building more hospitals and enhancing the different specialties to ensure the best healthcare support, it is also about adopting cutting-edge technology to ease out operations for all stakeholders, patients, staff, doctors, etc. The idea should be to put the patients first, and the foremost step to take here is bolstering the line of communication.

And not just access to data, this further helps the agents in time taking yet crucial tasks like managing appointments, raising service requests and more, right from their agent desktop. Also, in case there is a call from a patient, the same can be readily transferred with complete information among multiple departments with the help of new-age contact centre solutions. On the supervisor front, the integrated desktops enable broadcast vital information to an agent during a live call in real-time without breaking or interfering the agent-patient conversation. This enables supervisors to manage agents facing queries from patients and visitors and set real-time KPIs accordingly.

Banking & Finance

The level of faith reposed by a customer in a bank determines its credibility in the market. There are new-age contact centre solutions, engineered specifically for the needs of banks and other financial institutions, which can be leveraged to overhaul the complete system. The contact centre solutions can be integrated with core banking applications to offer one unified view to customer representatives. An institution can even go for customized desktops for each department, like cards, phone banking, loan, etc. to get specific as per the query or requirement of a customer. Furthermore, advanced solutions can be integrated with third party applications such like call logger, bespoke applications or other banking applications.


Insurance is a very complex sector wherein there’s continual customer engagement at different levels for varied purposes. This entails reliance on a number of different third party applications for tasks like policy renewal, cover settlement, and much more. With the right integration of contact centre solutions, operations such as Customer Relationship Management, ticketing, or any other internal database, can be streamlined efficiently. Besides, as the desktops would be optimized for discreet business needs, one can set up campaigns to inform all callers who have policy renew due date within the next three months using a pop up on the agent screen. These agent desktops integrated with IVR dynamically changes the screen based on IVR inputs, which empower agents to handle calls more efficiently.


With the help of customized solutions, different retail-related operations such as customer details, warranty status, recent purchases and tickets along with product details can be made conveniently available for all customer or sales representatives. These solutions further allow them to serve all customer queries without much ado, as all information is available in a single screen view. Also, the screen would dynamically change based on the IVR reason code allowing the executive to handle the calls proactively.

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