India’s first AI backed music tech platform,, onboards 150+ musicians in less than one month India’s first and only AI- driven new age, disruptive music tech start-up catering to music composers and content creators will now be expanding its reach globally with the introduction of several musicians across various categories and 8 genres to attract 10,000 + consumers.

The music tech company has already benefited several creators and composers and in a short span of time has onboarded more than 150 musicians including big names like Khalid Ahamed from Parvaaz, sitar player Asad Khan from AR Rahman’s band, Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan, and several others. Moreover, the platform also offers 8 music genres that comprise Cinematic, Indian, Indie, Ambient, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop and RnB.These genres will attract creators from both India and the USA which is home to popular genres like Hip hop, RnB, Pop and Electronic. The current libraries of available tools lack regional music and is filling that gap.

Mansoor Rahimat Khan, CEO,

Mansoor Rahimat Khan, CEO, adds, solves the royalty and music licensing issue faced by millions of creators with easily accessible AI based tools that help create royalty-free, affordable, legally binding exclusive music. It offers a selection of 8 genres that help in providing a framework for development and assessment of features for any content-based analysis of music signals thus reducing human effort of manual classification. not only offers creation of royalty free music but also classification of music into music genres, thus positively impacting more than 50 million content creators who can now customize and create original soundtracks and publish on various social media platforms. aims at benefitting 12 million professional content creators who currently monetize their content on YouTube and is likely to attract more than 2000 global artists and filmmakers by the end of FY 23.

Siddharth Bhardwaj, CTO, Beatoven

Siddharth Bhardwaj, CTO, explains, “The platform smartly uses a mix of algorithms and human creativity with the intent to assist its artists with their AI tagging algorithms. With the help of machine learning and AI systems, helps in solving two primary problems – creating original soundtracks without worrying about copyrights and customizing the same. The platform uses a mix of music theory rules, a lot of signal processing and ties it all together with its continuously evolving AI algorithms.

These composition algorithms make use of its music sample library to create a unique track based on user inputs like duration, genre, moods and tempo for different sections of the content, etc. thus benefiting millions of content creators and music composers globally.”

Moreover, custom music composition and production algorithms for both regional (currently limited to Indian) and Western genres are simultaneously being built by that will propel the music tech company to being a renowned global brand in the music tech space. There is a wide horizon of possibilities with the help of AI in music that will spur a new golden era of creativity. offers tools that make AI more accessible to artists everywhere making it an essential part of everyday musical creation.

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