India’s biggets EV Charging Network Bolt broadcasted India’s foremost harmless Universal EV Charging Socket “Bolt Lite”

BOLT, India’s biggest EV Charging Network, broadcasted the launch of BOLT LITE which is to be considered the India’s foremost, harmless, smartest as well as most reasonable Universal EV Charging Socket.
 Co-founder of BOLT, Mr. Mohit Yadav
First, the Co-founder of BOLT, Mr. Mohit Yadav, welcomed everyone in attendance at the press conference before focusing on the launch of BOLT LITE and how it typically operates.
The entire conference went into full swing when Mr. Mohit Yadav exclaimed how the BOLT LITE has been intended to discourse problems ascending from unsuccessful home charging besides delivers EV customers with a harmless and reasonable explanation to control their EVs. The hollow is compatible with two-, three- and four-wheel EVs and necessitates no added infrastructure besides can be connected in underneath 30 minutes with slight to not any maintenance.
He also presented various video clips of how the installation of this device is carried out and also how this charging socket tends to work as it is India’s original smart charging socket, Bolt LITE is IoT-enabled as well as supports attach EV operators throughout the nation. It initiates with a dynamism calculator to display the power consumption and contributes the worker admittance to a generation of passive proceeds. It was also said in the conference that the possessors can select to shift the expedient position amongst ‘Public’ and ‘Private’, wherever ‘Public’ charging plugs are exposed to the community and are obtainable for hold on the BOLT app. The accusing plugs noticeable as ‘Private’ are completely for the usage of device possessors.
Mr. Yadav continued to talk about how the individuals willing to place an order for the BOLT LITE, they can do so via the BOLT website, dealers or an of the channel partners for that matter. BOLT has amalgamated with more than 25 OEMs worldwide as well as 7 out of the highest 10 OEMs in India to construct a harmless, smart, and a related environment for the electric automobiles.
The event then came close to an end with a question and answer round where all the doubts were soon eradicated by Mr.Yadav himself and also, the entire team of the BOLT LITE being a part of it and clearing the doubts of the individuals too.
The event ended with a networking session amongst the individuals present there followed by the lunch.

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