Indian Student develops a shoe that charges phones while walking


Rajesh Adhikari, a 12th class student from Nainital has created a shoe that can charge a mobile phone.

Adhikari stated that he got the idea of making the water proof charger due to heavy snowfalls in Nainital that usually led to power shutdown in the city for long hours. This inspired him to make a powerhouse out of a shoe that utilizes the energy generated out of the footwear when a person walks.

Apparently, the charger can also be used to light a bulb at home when there is no electricity by installing a battery in the shoe. Adhikari is now working on further modifications on the design that will make this shoe a wireless phone charger.

Adhikari explained, “When we raise our feet, the spring gets released and the dynamo starts revolving, which generates current. We can charge our mobile phones while we are walking.”

Recently, three Bangalore based engineering students launched a free voice calling service calledFreeKall, for those who don’t have internet access. Registered users can make domestic and international calls for 12 minutes in 24 hours while un-registered users can make 3 minute calls. The service makes money by making people listen to 10 second advertisements every 2 minutes during calls. Freekall has tied up with a media agency called Streetsmart Media Solutions for the advertisements. Once the service goes live, registered users will be able to make unlimited calls. The company is aiming for nearly $30 million in revenue by the end of the next fiscal year.

Source: DNA

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