January 17, 2021

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre Launches Dedicated Department for Arthroscopy & Orthopedic Sports Medicine

  • The Department of Arthroscopy and Orthopedic sports medicine is the largest such unit dedicated to treat all kinds of common joint problems and sports related injuries.
  • The Department also provides a complete rehabilitation for patients using multiple techniques including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy etc.

Injuries are a normal part of an active person’s life. However, when _15010954afcbad4a32dindian spinal injuries centrethe right medical treatment, rehabilitation and trainer support is lacking, even relatively small injuries can become life changing. Patients in India now have a world class state-of-the-art dedicated facility to look up to for helping them manage injuries and joint problems.

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), one of India’s most trusted hospitals for treatment of spine and brain-related injuries, has now launched a dedicated Department of Arthroscopy & Orthopedic Sports Medicine committed to helping patients diagnose, treat and manage injuries and joint problems effectively.

help in early rehabilitation of the sports person with a teamwork coordination between the surgeon, physiotherapist and the sports trainer.

Arthroscopy is a super specialty division of Orthopedics. Arthroscopic surgery also commonly known as the “key hole surgery” involves a minimally invasive procedure a pencil sized camera and sophisticated instruments are introduced with small incisions to diagnose and treat problems of joints with very high accuracy. Arthroscopic procedures are performed on knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, hip joints and small joints of foot and hand, and are very useful for treating sports injuries, as well as various joint problems affecting the common man at all stages of life.

“In India, there is a glaring paucity of advanced sports medicine facilities. This is why we see most of our professional sportspersons head to foreign shores for treatment and rehabilitation. A lot of our athletes who cannot afford to travel abroad are often left without adequate support with shortened careers. One of the prime objectives of establishing a dedicated sports medicine facility is to fill this void. We want to help sportspersons from across the country get back to their field with the best of help,” says Dr.H.S.Chhabra, Medical Director & Chief of Spine Services

A sports injury is the term that broadly refers various injuries and joint problems that occur most commonly among sportspersons. For example a tennis elbow, a hamstring sprain, a muscle tear, a knee injury, shoulder injury, a groin pull or an ankle sprain are injuries that can happen to anybody but are more common among people who play active sports. Some of these injuries may be minor and may heal with medication, physiotherapy and rest. On the other hand, some injuries may require surgical intervention to repair damaged muscles or ligaments. In these cases arthroscopic technology proves to be very useful as it helps health the injury without causing much trauma to the body in the form of cuts and bleeding.

In some cases, an injury may need a long-drawn process of rehabilitation and care involving training, physiotherapy and other supporting activities like yoga.
The ISIC’s Orthopedic Sports Medicine provides a wholesome and comprehensive treatment modality from treatment to rehabilitation to management to help the athlete return to active life. The Centre has a team of 5 Sports Medicine Consultants, who are internationally trained and super-specialize in treating specific joints of the body. No other hospital has such a huge team dedicated to only Sports injuries. The department has dedicated Senior Sports physiotherapists, and facilities such as the largest solar heated hydrotherapy pool in India, and bio-mechanical analysis of sportspersons.

ISIC also provides courses such as Masters in Sports Physiotherapy to train a new generation of physiotherapists in sports training.
Doctors say apart from the timely availability of medical help, it is also important for sportspersons to report their injuries immediately to prevent further damage.

“Lack of awareness about the consequences of injuries often put careers of sportspersons in disarray. Sometimes, players ignore minor niggles, which then magnify into major tears and injuries. Sometimes, even the coaches and trainers are not well-trained enough to guide sportspersons to work out and build strength in the right way. In smaller centers, sportspersons often train without any expert guidance altogether. In fact, such is the state of sports in our country that a majority of young sportspersons are not even educated about appropriate warm up and stretching procedures and the need for right training practices. In the absence of right trainers, many fend for themselves and end up with serious injuries. Also arthroscopic techniques are equally useful in treating problems in non-sportspersons such as shoulder pain in middle aged people,” adds Dr.Maninder Singh, Consultant Trauma & Orthopedics, ISIC
About Indian Spinal Injuries Centre:

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre is the national leader in spinal cord injuries and is the most advanced spine, orthopedics and neuromuscular cum rehab center in India.

Besides treating disorders of the spine, it is equipped for complete healthcare. ISIC is a trusted provider of medical care, rehabilitation, research, education and advocacy. It has a state of-the-art intensive care unit apart from the present 145 in- patient beds, operation theatres with the latest medical equipment that allows surgeons to perform even the most complicated surgeries with ease. Apart from this, it provides round the clock emergency services with ambulance facilities. One of the unique features of the building is to provide a totally barrier free environment.