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Indian Content Creators earn Money from “X” via ad Revenue Scheme

Indian Creators Earn through Ad Scheme (Image: Hindustan Times)

With an imaginative flair, Indian Twitter or “X” enthusiasts are rejoicing as they pocket ad revenue disbursements reaching a remarkable Rs 3 lakh, all through their adoption of the X Premium membership. This delightful windfall owes its existence to the innovative endeavor initiated by Elon Musk. In order to monetize their presence on X, content creators are required to possess an X Blue subscription, a commendable count of 15 million post impressions, and a follower base that tallies no less than 500.

Electing to embrace the X Premium membership, formerly recognized as Twitter Blue, at a monthly rate of Rs 900 has demonstrated its fruitful outcomes for select users. Notable Indian profiles, including the likes of Gabbar Singh and others, have enthusiastically acknowledged receiving substantial sums of up to Rs 3 lakh through their participation in the ad revenue sharing program. In the bygone month of July, under the visionary guidance of Elon Musk, Twitter launched this innovative venture with the intention of facilitating content creators in their quest to amass earnings through ad revenue. This advantageous avenue is open to X Premium subscribers across the global spectrum.

Creator Abhishek Asthana who goes by the handle @GabbbarSingh, said he earned nearly ₹ 2.1 lakh due to impressions he generated. He shared a screenshot of the payout and said, ”Blue tick ke paise vasool.” He further noted, ”Twitter’s strategy is very simple, payout big influencers and turn them into Blue tick salesmen. That’s the real revenue source.”

Indian Content Creator earns money via Ad Revenue Scheme of ‘X’ (Image: Twitter | Screengrab)

Indian content creators have embraced the “X” ad revenue scheme as a dynamic way to monetize their digital content. Through platforms like YouTube, blogs, social media, and podcasts, they are carving out their niche in the online space while generating substantial income. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this ad revenue scheme stands as a testament to the power of creativity, engagement, and strategic monetization for Indian content creators.

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