Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A Survey

Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A Survey

Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A Survey

A major chunk of call centers is still depending upon the 2G/3G-based GSM gateways. By the end of the year 2022, all major telecommunication companies will switch to better and newer technologies. This would mean that the devices running on the older technology would stop working.

To prevent any disturbance in regular operational activities, the older GSM gateways must be replaced with new VoLTE Gateways. Keeping this in mind our team at ITVoice recently conducted a survey on 150+ companies to detect which is the most preferable VoLTE gateway.

The motivation of the survey

Day by day companies in India and abroad are realizing the significance of customer services. India has been the capital of business process outsourcing of the world for a long, and now domestic organizations are also investing in customer services. Many domestic and BFSI BPO Call Centers are switching to VoLTE/GSM lines for calling purposes because of the troublesome PRI Line and SIP trunk from operators. This creates a market for VoIP and VoLTE/GSM Gateways solutions pan India. Our survey was focused on the GSM/VoLTE manufacturers like Synway, Dinstar, MatrixComsec, OpenVox, Neron Informatics.

The survey was carried out to determine the best VoLTE Gateway on the basis of user experience. The companies were asked questions on user experience related to Dinstar, Neron NXG & Synway, MatrixComsec, OpenVox, etc.

Some details of the survey

The companies were majorly judged on over 10 parameters like:

  • Voice Quality & Connectivity
  • Call Survival
  • Router Feature
  • SIP Call Channel
  • Brand Value
  • Telephony Feature
  • Device Stability
  • Value For Money
  • Innovation
  • Support Service, etc.

Our executives started collecting data and answers from the companies starting in the first week of January 2021. The survey was concluded by the mid of March 2021.

The operational area of participating companies includes Banks, domestic BPOs, customer services, BFSI, enterprises, etc.

Key findings of the survey



Telephony Feature – The feature enables the users to enjoy many services like messaging, video calling, conferencing, fax, etc. 60% of the users were satisfied with the Analog PBX and VoIP Gateway while the rest 40% voted for full-featured IP-PBX of Neron.

Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A Survey

Router Feature – In simplest words, Routers regulate traffic between similar networks, on the other hand, Gateways regulate traffic between dissimilar networks. Either for a domestic call center or an international call center, the significance of the router is high. And 72% of the companies approved for Neron Gateway which by default comes with a router feature as well. OpenVox also provides the feature partially and thus earned 15% of the approval.

Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A Survey

Call Survival – Due to any maintenance or technical issue the call server goes down. During this time the call survival feature becomes necessary to maintain production to handle incoming and outgoing calls. Neron gained whopping 79% votes in this parameter. Rests were Synway with 18% votes and Matrix with 3% votes.

Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A SurveyInnovation – Indian manufacturers clearly took the advantage of introducing the latest features like SIP Channels, default router feature, etc. Neron was ranked as the most innovative manufacturer with 35% votes. Another Indian manufacturer Matrix also grabbed 13% votes.

Indian Brand VoLTE Gateway Outshines Chinese Counterparts In A Survey

Voice quality – The prime factor that determines the quality of the gateway is the voice quality. With the HD Voice Quality feature, Neron grabbed 63% votes and took the lead. Based on the user experience, many added that they would switch their older gateway with the Neron NXG series in the coming days.

SIM Slot & SIM Bank – Usually gateways come with a 32 Card Slot feature. The SIM Card Slot is useful for day-to-day calling operations. 56% of the users preferred Neron which comes with a default SIM Bank. On the other hand, in Synway and Dinsar models the SIM Bank is optional.

Brand Value (Value For Money) – The users require state of an art technologies and features and Neron emerged as the most preferred VoLTE Gateway with 41% votes from the users which was closely followed by another Indian manufacturer Matrix at 31% votes. The users were satisfied with the money they were spending given the latest features and useful technologies.

SIP Call Channel – The requirement for SIP Channels grows when the volume of calls in a business is high. On this parameter, 60% of the users voted for Neron which comes with 64 SIP Channels in comparison with 32 of Synway, Dinstar, and OpenVox. On the other hand, Matrix scored the least with 6% votes based on the TDM technology usage.

Device Stability – It was a close call for all the companies on the parameter of device stability. Neron managed to come on top with 28% votes followed by Synway (25%), Matrix (24%), Dinstar (13%), and OpenVox (10%).

Support Service – Almost all the companies managed to score decently on this parameter. Neron was approved with 24% votes while Matrix, Dinstar, and Synway scored 22% each. OpenVox scored 10% on the support service parameter.

Apart from the above most companies mentioned the need for a compact design for rack mounting. Neron was appreciated for its design which enables the users to mount it according to the available space.


No wonder companies had an impact on the Make In India campaign of the Central Government. Most favored the innovative products by Neron over the Chinese counterparts. Call survival (Inbuilt IPPBX) and default router feature attract the users to go for Neron   Based on the results of the survey we can conclude that the Indian brand Neron has emerged as a market leader in the VoLTE Gateway product segment.