December 2, 2020

Indian Angel Network invests in ‘Assisted Living Technology’ startup Arcatron

Arcatron Mobility, which manufactures next generation devices to make assisted living more dignified and safe, has raised an undisclosed funding led by Mr. Sudhir Mehta, Harish Mehta and Ketan Dalal from the Indian Angel Network.
Founded in 2015 by four NIT Calicut alumni, Ganesh Sonawane, Laxmikant Banjarey, Kunal Kamble and Dewaj Baruah, Arcatron will use the funds raised for the production launch of Frido, an innovative Self Driven Shower and Commode Wheelchair which fits in a suitcase. In addition, funds will also be utilized to set up online and offline sales channels across major cities in India and filing of IP for future products like the Frido Lite.
Indian Angel Network Lead Mr. Sudhir Mehta said, “Arcatron Mobility is doing a tremendous job in simplifying and improving lives of elderly and locomotor impaired individuals enabling them to lead more independent & active lifestyles. We are very proud to help grow such an initiative. We are hopeful that with their motto of ‘Purpose Driven Innovation’ Arcatron, will continue to apply engineering and technology for making products aimed at making assisted living more dignified and safe. At IAN, we are happy to make this design lead manufacturing investment”
With a mission to advance global standards of assisted living and make it dignified and safer. Arcatron is building the next generation of devices to enhance lives of people with limited mobility and elderly care needs.
Commenting on the development, Mr. Ganesh Sonawane, Co-Founder & CEO, Arcatron Mobility said, “We are extremely delighted to bring in investors who are like minded and have a lot more to add than funding. We are also working on developing various products like the Frido Lite which has the potential to replace most of the transport wheelchairs used by elderly individuals, tourism companies, hospitals, etc. Presently, no product available in India allows people with limited mobility to safely access bathrooms at their homes and on the go, Frido will help solve this problem.
Notably, Mr. Sudhir Mehta is also the Managing Director of Pinnacle Industries, India’s largest commercial vehicle and Interiors Company. “We have entered into a manufacturing partnership with Pinnacle Industries on favorable terms. This allows Arcatron to have access to a high-tech manufacturing facility with near zero fixed cost. This will also help us to stay asset light and focus on our core offerings i.e. R&D, Marketing and Sales. Arcatron’s vision is to be market leader in India in the competing product categories and be recognized as one of the most trusted assisted living product company in the world”, indicated Ganesh.
Market Scenario:
• Market potential for shower and commode wheelchairs in India is around 440 Cr. More than 90% of it is untapped because of lack of availability of the right products.
• Globally bathroom assist devices are a $4B market
• Complete lack of availability of products which are compatible with Indian Infrastructure; also, which are serviceable and affordable.
• The global wheelchair companies with strong Indian presence have failed to deliver products compatible to Indian infrastructure in shower chair category
• Chinese products dominate the Indian market but are perceived too unsafe and risky by hospitals and most end users