India will be $100 billion market of E-commerce by 2020

                    Indian has been witnessing that there is growth in
e-commerce market in the last one year and now Goldman Sachs has predicted that the country e-commerce market will cross $100 billion mark by 2020. Earlier in May, Goldman Sachs had predicted the e-commerce market to reach $81 billion by 2020, but this revision is made primarily due to the growth in online sales that is happening across the country.
Smart phone ad internet penetration had helped a lot in generating sales of e-companies & it ise-commerce, India, sales
 expected to further increase in comming  years.
 Now India has become a strategic market for many e-commerce companies. As per views of Amazon India is going to most impotant market for them after United States.
Recently, in the big billion sale, Flipkart sold mobile phones worth $200 million in just five days. Online shopping trend is just catching up and this is just the beginning. Experts feel that the opportunity for e-commerce companies in the country is immense.