India To build up World’s Biggest Telescope With Four Other Nations!

ITVoice News: With the grand blessing ceremony in Japan, the development world’s biggest telescope, called Thirty Meter Telescope aka TMT will begin today. The telescope is being going to be built near Muana Kea Volcano on Hawaii Island. The probable cost of project is about $1.47 billion. India, US, Canada, Japan and China are the five countries are working together on this project. Japan holds major stake in the investment as compared to other countries.

images (2)A team of engineers and scientists from these countries are working together on the design of TMT. The idea of the telescope initiated in 2003. TMT is being designed for optical and infrared observations. The telescope will be as powerful as 3-large scale telescopes in the world namely, CELT (California Extremely Large Telescope), VLOT (Very Large Optical Telescope) and GSMT (Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope). The main objective of TMT would be to help scientists study stars and solar system, galaxies far away and the Milky Way. It is expected to solve many mysteries of the space that are still unknown to us. It will have 28 microns infrared wavelength and 310 nanometers ultraviolet wavelength range.

The telescope will sport largest light collection area than any other already existing telescopes in the world. It will be the first telescope on the ground of Earth to feature adaptive optics (AO) integral system element. Scientists are using largest mirrors possible in TMT to achieve constant spot of near-infrared wavelengths.

India has decided to contribute to this project by investing about $2405 million in this project for the period of 9 years. Due to this investment, Indian researchers and scientists will gain the access to TMT for their research work. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and the Union Cabinet Minister have approved this involvement of the country in TMT.

TMT will also help Indian engineers to learn the high tech systems built for the telescope. Some technologies like data analysis pipelines, adaptive optics, software for observatory controls, primary mirror segment figuring and polishing which are still unknown to Indian engineers will be exposed to them. It will benefit the future modern science research and development of India. The biggest telescope in the world will definitely contribute lot of research and information to change the world. The graphical overview of TMT project is available on YouTube.

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