Independent Cybersecurity Test Rates Websense TRITON Most Effective In Advanced Threat Protection

websense-tritonMiercom, the well-respected worldwide testing service, recently conducted an independent test of real-world web security solutions from Websense, Blue Coat® Systems, Inc., Check Point, McAfee® and Palo Alto Networks™. Miercom test results show that Websense® TRITON® outperformed all competitors by demonstrating superior web security effectiveness against both known and unknown advanced threats.

“Our rigorous test put top web security solutions through their paces,” said Robert Smithers, chief executive officer, Miercom. “We were pleased with the superior performance of the Websense TRITON solution, particularly its malware blocking and its real-time defense effectiveness. Websense provided some of the most effective, advanced real-time threat protection and content classification we have observed in testing to date.”

Miercom conducted an independent third-party validation of the Websense TRITON Web Security Gateway Anywhere (WSGA) solution and four competing web security products: the Blue Coat ProxySG 900-20 Secure Web Gateway; the Check Point 12200 Appliance Next-Generation Threat Protection; the McAfee WG-5500-B Web Gateway and the Palo Alto Networks PA-2020 Next-Generation Firewall. Miercom independently-sourced a URL sample set that was unknown to the vendors. Two types of Miercom tests were conducted to evaluate the ability of the appliances to block threats and threatening content.

The Websense® TRITON® security system is the only solution that proactively defends all channels by identifying, stopping, containing and disarming advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks and data theft. The solution is built on the largest and fastest global analytic network on the market today. Every second, Websense discovers two new threats and protects thousands of global organizations in real time.

“These Miercom tests focused on the most sophisticated and common attack vectors seen in the wild today,” said Russ Dietz, chief technology officer of Websense. “In every test, Websense undoubtedly delivered superior protection above the competition. Our customers rely on Websense to protect them from the latest targeted attacks and data loss—and this test shows why they chose Websense over other solutions.”

Miercom results show that Websense provided the best overall detection and catch-rate of malicious links to protect users at the point-of-click. Websense TRITON blocked more drive-by installers, exploits, phishing and malicious redirect URLs than any other vendor with an average 98.2 percent rate, which is 10 percent above the competition. This average score measured the effectiveness of blocking a particular threat via multiple independently assessed analytics against a particular threat category. Websense also lead in hacking-based threat detection over the nearest competitor by 23.4 points. Additionally, Websense overtook the competition and led in analyzing and blocking web content in other high key risk areas including proxy avoidance, adult content and gambling.

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