Indegene Launches IndegeneConnect—A Cloud-Based,Enterprise Digital-Asset Production And Collaboration Management Platform For Pharmaceutical Industry

logoIndegene (, a leading provider of R&D, commercial, and marketing solutions to top global pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, announced the launch of Indegene Connect™ — a cloud-based digital asset production, collaboration, and workflow management platform. The platform enables global teams to significantly reduce wasteful creative and design costs arising from duplication, lack of information, and conflicting communication between stakeholders during the digital production lifecycle. IndegeneConnect™ increases productivity across the existing ecosystem comprising numerous Agencies of Record (AoR), local agencies, and brand teams that are managed across multiple geographies.

Global pharmaceutical companies commonly work with multiple global agencies, and this often results in significant duplication of efforts in creating assets; errors following brand guidelines; reduced visibility throughout the production process; limited knowledge and access to assets created in other markets that can be reused; and decreased productivity. In addition, meaningful data and analytics that can drive process improvement efforts and satisfy audit-trail requirements are typically missing, incomplete, or challenging to obtain.

IndegeneConnect™ creates a catalytic ecosystem through which a brand or a digital factory can manage all of its creative assets, the entire production workflow including internal and external stakeholders, promote collaboration and sharing, and cut wasteful cost from the budgets, all the while maintaining regulatory and audit compliance. Dr. Rajesh Nair, President – Indegene, said “Indegene is committed to developing transformational technology and platforms that serve the pharmaceutical and life science industry. IndegeneConnect™ is a revolutionary way to effectively manage digital production at the enterprise level, while significantly empowering local and regional teams. This represents a significant addition to Indegene’s intellectual property portfolio.