March 1, 2021

Impact of the upcoming cybersecurity policy from various perspective

With the world getting closed due to the pandemic, people were forced to find the way out to deal with every single need. The wave of digitization helped to survive through it with everything going digital. Since everyone is engaged with digital/online activities, it created a sheer need for proper security as well. The government has recently announced the New Cybersecurity policy for the country.

Reacting on the same Mr. Karmesh Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of Wijungle-a cybersecurity startup, explained the impact of the policy on the different verticles.

The upcoming National Cyber Security Strategy (2020), which is meant to cater to the horizon for the next 5 years i.e. up to 2025, is expected to be highly inclusive for citizens, businesses, and government with its fundamental relying on Personal Data Protection Bill 2019.

From Citizen’s perspective, a mass cybersecurity awareness & certification program shall be proposed & later thoughts could be given to make it compulsory to enable mobile data on SIMs and taking fixed-line connections. This further could also be made as a mandate for any computer-related job.

From the Business Perspective,Deployment of essential security tools/products for companies above a specific turnover shall be mandatory.MSMEs/Startups shall get financial relaxations in security purchases. For quick adoption of Indigenous technology & data localization, incentives shall be planned for companies preferring Indian Cyber Security Startups.

From Government Perspective, The special annual budget for cybersecurity products, services, and maintenance shall be allocated by all the government organizations. Based on IT audits, CERT shall penalize organizations that lack the required infrastructure or do not regularly maintain them.CERT can plan to make real-time data available to startups for effective R&D. Efforts shall be made to enable these startups to offer robust and quality assured products to private & govt. enterprises. Plans to offer R&D funds for startups shall be proposed from the national security perspective.”