IGX Group’s H2 Fueling Services Performs First Mobile Refueling Of Fuel Cell Lighting Unit At The San Francisco International Airport

IT Voice logoTMsmIGX Group’s Hydrogen Fueling Services recently performed the first on-site hydrogen fueling of a Multiquip fuel cell mobile lighting unit at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). IGX’s innovative technology allows fuel cell mobile lights to be refueled without having to be moved, thereby significantly increasing their operation time and convenience to the user. As part of a project led by Sandia National Laboratories and funded by Boeing and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the lighting unit is powered by an Altergy Systems hydrogen fuel cell and provides a clean, quiet and reliable lighting option. The goal of the project is to develop a commercially-available, zero-emissions fuel cell alternative to the noisy and polluting diesel-fueled light towers currently in use in many diverse applications.

IGX Group’s new hydrogen mobile refueling program and their refueling trailers can help accelerate the commercial adoption of this type of fuel-cell-based construction equipment,” says Lennie Klebanoff, the Sandia project lead. “Key markets for these mobile lights include highway construction, aviation, sporting and entertainment events among others,” adds Torsten Erbel, the Multiquip commercialization lead.

EERE’s market transformation activities, like these, promote the development of fuel cell-powered products and the associated hydrogen infrastructure, while lowering barriers to introducing these new products into early markets. Early markets include material handling equipment, emergency backup power, construction equipment, aviation ground support equipment, portable power, and other markets where fuel cells can have an immediate and positive impact.

We look forward to working with Sandia, Multiquip, Altergy, SFO and others to support the use of hydrogen fuel cells for this project and other applications”, states Michael Koonce, CEO of IGX Group. “Currently, the majority of lighting units use diesel generators. They are not good for the environment and require more maintenance than hydrogen fuel cells. IGX Group’s H2 Fueling Services allows for greater use of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative sustainable energy source.

IGX group successfully launched its hydrogen fueling services in California last month. Working closely with the leading fuel cell manufacturers, H2 Fueling Services is expanding to key strategic regional markets across the country to service telecommunication carriers and other industries.