iGear now enters your kitchen; launches ‘ChopMix’

iGear, a well-known and highly renowned Indian brand for Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories in India, is proud to bring its technology to your kitchen. Introducing the iGear ChopMix, a rechargeable and highly portable vegetable and fruit chopper. It features a 250ml BPA-free Tritan jar and a USB Type-C rechargeable battery that can be an instant help at home or on vacation.

Extremely excited with the new kitchen tech gadget launch, iGear Founder Kamlesh Sharma said, “At iGear, we believe in smart simplicity, and to make this a reality, a bit of technology is required. With the ChopMix, iGear is now ready to lend a quick hand in your kitchen too. Instantly chopping some vegetables for a quick omelette, whipping up a dip for your chips, planning a salad, or having some fruit pulp ready for dessert is just a tap away. And thanks to its small size and rechargeable battery, you can take this little wonder with you on your picnic or camping trip too. The ChopMix is designed for safety too — be the exposure to its sharp blades or the food container itself.”

Yes, this little wonder can not only help you in the kitchen, but be of great help when you are out camping in the wild, or travelling on road for that long vacation along the lakeside. Great for those who have babies too – quick mash of baby food, anywhere, anytime. Small in size and armed with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, having a fruit and vegetable chopper at hand in your kitchen or when outdoors is a blessing. iGear’s ChopMix is all ready to lend you a helping hand when you have unexpected guests landing on your doorstep.

Grate some nuts for your cake or mince some meat for some kabab — the iGear ChopMix is armed with three sharp 304 stainless steel blades that spin at 1600 rpm to ensure you get quick and fine chops of whatever is inside the chamber. The Blades are extremely sharp but come with extra protection to avoid any untoward accidents. Simple magnets on the jar signal the tech inside the ChopMix to function only when the jar is attached.

As for the food jar, it’s entirely food-safe. Made from some of the strongest and safest materials to handle food, the iGear ChopMix is designed using BPA-free Tritan plastic. The ChopMix is also very easy to clean — the upper body which contains the motor is completely sealed and waterproof, making it easy to clean underwater. Additionally, the bottom is also equipped with anti-slip silicone padding so it grips the table when in use. 

iGear has also added a dash of intelligent technology inside the ChopMix. The upper surface has a waterproof one-touch operation switch that instantly turns on the high-speed 1600 rpm motor. The motor spins for just 30 seconds before automatically turning off, ensuring it doesn’t over-chop any ingredients. Safety sensors around the jar ensure the blades are never exposed when the ChopMix is turned on. And lastly, the ChopMix runs on a 1500mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged using your conventional USB Type-C smartphone charger. 

The iGear ChopMix comes with a single 250ml transparent BPA-Free jar, a USB Type-C charging cable, a cleaning brush and a 1-year warranty.  Available in Black and Wooden texture, the iGear ChopMix is priced at Rs 1,500 and can be purchased from Amazon.in, igear.asia and Croma.com.

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