“If you don’t evolve or innovate, you will never be able to grow.”- Dipesh Kaura, General Manager for South Asia, Kaspersky

Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky

Jahnavi- As you said that the data can be erased completely? How is that possible as data is something which will be present somewhere at all times?

Dipesh- We are not saying that the data will be automatically erased but you will have control over your device in such a way that, for eg. you’re an user who’s using Kaspersky antivirus or standard etc. feature which is present on any of your device and you end up losing you phone following a theft or whatever, and even though the phone is locked but if it is unlocked in whatsoever way, you can still have access to the data. With Kaspersky one of the feature which we have created is that If I know that my phone has been lost, from the dashboard I can identify which part of the license is present on the phone and with a command, I can erase the data from the phone. There are certain other critic allies as to what are the things which you have identified to be critical on your phone and you have synced it with multiple devices. In hat cases, the couple of things which are identified critical can be erased.

Jahnavi- If a hacker gets into your phone, even though the data will be erased, the hacker might get an access to it?

Dipesh- When talking about the hacker, it’s a completely different story. When a hacker is sitting inside your phone, it doesn’t matter whether the phone is lost or not lost because any which ways he will get an access to all of your data, considering he is in hacker. We are talking about a case where your phone is lost or any of your device like your laptop, tablet et cetera is lost. And when a thief who is not a hacker, gets an access to your phone, and let’s say you have an iPhone or whatever which cost about a lakh rupees, and there is some guy who is sitting in some shady place who knows a crack on how to get an access to your phone and eliminate the lock and comes in contact with all of your data all of your pictures, videos et cetera and he keeps the data and tries to miss use it eventually and if by any chance any of your passwords are saved he will get an access to all of it automatically. So one part of what we do is that we erase all of this data so that that person does not get an access to any of your data.

Jahnavi- How do you aim to provide complete protection and not just AV protection?

Dipesh- Now we have added a lot of features and one of them is that we can do password protection. We have created a password vault. One of the things that we learned during the research is that on an average everyone is having 15+ user IDs and passwords which can also go up to 30 and 35. Now, because it is humanly impossible to remember more than 15 passwords. People tend to have only one password for all of their IDs. For instance, one of my friend forgot his gmail password, because he install gmail on his phone about three years back and never uninstalled it. And now when he got a new phone, he has totally forgot about his password, and since gmail is a very vital kind of an app which anyone uses on a daily basis. It became a very huge issue for him. These are the things where a password vault can help in. It creates a world where you can store more than 30 passwords, and whenever you were logging into a portal which has the user ID, it can automatically pull the password and give you the login. Secondly, it also encourages you to create 15 different passwords instead of using the same one which can be fundamentally different from your password patterns. So because of this you don’t have to type the password as there are software which can record your typing as well, and then they tend to know what the password was after you typed. So now when you don’t type the risk of losing your password is even less. This is one form now. Second is that it helps you to figure out if it’s a rogue app or a genuine app. It helps you figure out if it’s taking you to some malicious site, or if you are doing some transaction, it helps to figure out if it is also some kind of corrupted, all malicious in some way. Those kind of things are beyond virus and is a fraudulent practice. I can create a fraud website and sell things on it at a cheaper cost where as a promo I can give out iPhone 14 and you being an individual might as well Get looped into my scheme. Site is a fraudulent site. It is not a virus but the site is fraudulent. Those things we can protect if it is just an AV. It will tell you whether there is a virus or not. Because every is antivirus and if there is a virus, it will automatically tell you about it. These kind of features are able to do much more and go beyond. Just doing the virus stuff. That’s what we are trying to talk about the cyber protection.

Jahnavi- how did you had the idea to get this product made? What according to you lacked before which you had to include now in this product?

Dipesh- So, frankly, it comes from the DNA of the organisation. As an organisation, we have been into innovation, research and we have been into this industry for more than 25 years now. That is how this organisation has grown as if you don’t innovate, that is the end of any business. The second way is that if you have to grow, your business, you will have to innovate. You have to do something which others are not doing and art of excess benefit to the user. Third thing, especially with the way, the pandemic shaped us. And how the digital behaviour of any individual has changed, the organisation understood and realise that it has to do more than just A V and as to include every thing, including in the cyber protection. If you don’t evolve or innovate, you will never be able to grow and Kaspersky has been growing consistently for the past so many years and that’s just how we eventually were able to make this product by understanding the market and every thing. We are a research driven organisation and it is easy for us to go back to the drawing board and conduct every thing out.

Jahnavi- how was your product more beneficial than any other competitor?

Dipesh- My product, like I said is doing Beyond just AV. We are talking cyber protection. We are also talking about other benefits like password protection, password vaults, we are helping you understand if you are moving towards a risky or a malicious website, or if you downloading a bad application etc. That is one aspect of it. Secondly, we have been interacting with the users and have brought particular plus, advance et cetera versions. These kind of things which are not a part of usual stuff where we are trying to interact with the user and tell them that some parts are still not enabled or if any other feature is not enabled. We are going beyond just AV and we are trying to help the consumers understand how is behaving on the internet and how he can save him self.

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